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Here's my scenario...

12' Livingston with a 9.8 Tohatsu.

Great little boat - easy to tow, super stable for kids/wife, and... it was free. I've been hitting the Salmon River at Three Rocks all summer - easy to drop some pots and then pull out on the spit and play on the beach and then collect dinner on our way out.

I've been hitting Yaquina more and more this fall. Fall Salmon gave me something to do while pots soaked, but I'm looking for some ideas now that the run is past.

What's up with the herring run there? Sounds like sometimes they come into the bay in February, but usually in June/July? I grew up on pickled herring, and my kids should too... so I'm open to some sabiki jigging or something.

Anyone ever get into any perch or rockfish in the bay - maybe around the bridge? I'm hesitant to head past the bridge, seems like asking for trouble in such a small boat.

I've certainly heard that flounder populations are low these days, but any tips on targeting them would be appreciated.

I read that dock shrimp are landed in Oregon, they should be in the bays when they're young....

I'm mostly just spitballing here, just looking for something to mess around with while the pots soak. I'm certainly open to other bays as well, I'm east of Salem so... Netarts to Alsea is about my widest range for a day trip with young kids.

Thanks for any thoughts.
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I've only fished the bay below the bridge one time and that was in a kayak with some other folks. We caught lingcod and two kinds of rockfish around the little jetties on the south side of the bay below the bridge. We stayed a bit too long after high slack and it was a bit of work paddling back to the ramp. I'd say go ahead but pay attention to what the tide is doing. My buddy told me he used to take a canoe down there and get perch.

As for the herring. I have a friend who goes every year and jigs them around downtown and the NOAA docks. I think there is more than one run. You might monitor that "other" fishing forum to get some details about herring.