Bass ID @ Hagg Lake?

Pole Bendahz

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Hello OFF family, just had a quick question concerning "largemouth bass" from hagg. Looking at a few of the bass I've caught out of the lake, I've noticed that they seem to have smaller mouths than your average LM bass. Could there possibly be a spotted bass population that are mating with LM bass in the lake and creating some type of hybrid? Are there other subspecies of LM bass that I'm not aware of? Thanks for any input!



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Looks like you have a spotted bass there. The northern strain (most common largemouth up here), do have smaller mouths than the Florida strain (which are commonly referred to as bucket mouths). This link to the IFGA website is very helpful for identifications.


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According to the ODFW site; there are only smallies and bucketmouths. There is no mention, of any other species. Perhaps it's just an adaptation, to their particular environment?
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