Bass 2020 show OFF


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YOU GOTTA SEE THIS! Heaviest Known By Yours Truly...


13 LB 1 Oz Oregon Record Largemouth Bass. Honestly caught in 2019 during the Spring. Using a Berkley spinning reel, 8 lb fluorocarbon line, and a Storm Bluegill 3" Swimbait. Spotted the fish engulfing a whole duckling, and it was extremely territorial on the bank. Fished for hours trying to get it to bite. Finally, I decided to harass it with the bluegill swimbait, and it didn't take long to get an aggressive take.
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I probably have to pay the biologist gas money, atleast 30 dollars an hour, half my check, legality fees, odfw fees, covid19 fees, 50% chance of killing the fish, and loss of sleep before night shift


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Got skunked 3 times before I finally got some action. Got mine on a keitech swimbait and my dad got one on a black senko. I had to get in the water to get my bass untangled. Now I need to get a smallmouth ?.


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