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First bass of 2019 today, a little later than last year's first (two) on Jan 2. My gear is always a Quantum Telecast 6'6 (good sensitivity and action), size 30 Nitrous reel (never bird nest), 12# C21 line, #10 swivel, 12# Seagaur red label as leader and smallest snap. I use biwaa ultra hog mostly and senko (dinger or strike king actually) sometimes. Bank fishing only.

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Today the second bass of the year, 3.5 lb, Adair pond, from the very bottom. Used a 6'6 Shakespeare Excursion spinning rod, currently in Walmart for $9. The last rod that has a handle that's not insanely long; the new version is also $9 but much longer handle. This graphite rod is light and thin with a perfect medium action for everything.



I found a couple out at Bond Butte Pond yesterday but this was, by far, the more photogenic of the two...


Ya gotta love the tenacity of a 6" fish that tries to eat a 4" jerkbait.

Love to see this thread picking up. Keep 'em coming!


I fished a pond off the Willamette just outside of Corvallis today and landed one and lost one at the boat on what's becoming my favorite chatterbait this spring. 1/2 oz black/blue skirt with a twin tail white trailer. Neither of the fish hit hard and both times I thought I was popping the bait out of weeds when I set the hook. The second time I got a better hook set. The fish was COLD and looked like it was wearing lipstick. 2.24 lbs.



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I went out to try and catch smallmouth bass on purpose, today. It was such a nice day, that I was speculating there should be some sort of a bite going on as the water warmed up later in the day. I dropped my chores to lay where they landed, swapped tools for rods, and headed for the river. That pic was my big fish today, maybe 2.75 pounds No monsters or beasts yet. They are just starting to stage for the spawn. I felt lucky to scratch out the few I picked up wading in the slough with a fishing buddy this afternoon. We landed around a dozen between us over 4 hours. Most were 2-3 pounds. All fish were caught on 4" Senkos, all colors worked about the same. We fished them slow bouncing along the bottom. Most bites happened in 4-6 feet of water. Bellies on the females are starting to swell, but not gigantic yet. I think the high cold water over the last couple weeks has pushed the peak spawn back 2 weeks or so. The Columbia River slough we were catching them in today had a surface temp that measured at 60 F. The main river is just hitting 50. The full moon in May coming up 4 weeks from now should be a great bass bite. Tight lines!



I blew off some paperwork this afternoon and snuck out to see if I could find a couple LM. Landed 7 and missed a couple. Everything was caught on a weighted texas rigged Pit Boss off of submerged wood. They were sticking close to cover and I had an awesome day of losing tackle and yanking fish out of submerged trees and brush piles. Big fish of the day went at 4.5 and a close second came in at 3.15. No Dinks today!

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Caught at Cottage Grove Lake 04/21 near floating debris on a black and blue finesse jig with a craw trailer. Slow fishing in at Dorena and CG Lake this weekend but this one bite made my trip.

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I don't fish for bass a lot but today was the day I went to my favorite coastal lake to give it a shot. I got to fishing about a half hour after the crack of dawn because I wanted to try a topwater popper I have had hanging on my wall a few years now. Couple of casts in and fish on then off. I can now see the appeal of topwater fishing once you see that water explode. Second cast and fish on again. This time a 15" largemouth, a new personal best since my previous PB was 14.75". Now I am jazzed. A few more casts and a twin to the first one. Then things died off but I continued to fish the popper. An hour later, back to the original spot and I chucked a Senko right where I caught the other fish and fish on again. This time 19". Then I switched to trolling for trout and only got one all morning and a few random drive bys.


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