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Chuter;n613030 said:
That's an impressive smallie! Nice work. You're slaying 'em this year!
Thank you! I have been trying to do more bass fishing this year and break my personal best for every place i fish at. Next goal is a measured 5 pounder. These are my biggest fish ever, not counting a trip to florida in my teen years.
I'll be fishing Brownlee Reservoir next week(09/10/2018)for the first time. I'll be targeting smallmouth and catfish, fishing out of a kayak. Any ideas of the best area of the lake to fish and techniques?
Also, where is the nearest convenient lodging? A simple hotel will do.
Thanks much!


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Michael97701 It probably would've been best for you to have started, a new thread. Your comments/questions above would only be seen by the handful of members, who posted on ONLY this thread. But a NEW thread--under the Bass heading--would've been seen by everyone on this site.

Good luck, and let us know how you do (with a new thread).
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