Bag'd my first winter..

Today on the Clack.. side drifting eggs = 28inch hen! :clap:
great fish.....i can't wait for my first.....very nice pic thanks for sharing:):):)
Niiiiiiiiiiiice! Well I can see we're going to start getting a lot of reports of fish comin in. Can't wait. Great fish man. Congrats.
Very nice looking fish good job on your first as well.
Thanks! It only took me loosing 6 fish-on's in 2 days to finally land one in the net!! 6/1 ratio = a long season, I hope that improves now that I can feel a fish bite and can set the hook quicker!
:lol:Your going to loose a lot more then that as time goes on :lol:
Nice looking fish good job. I haven't started my winter steelhead fishing yet I think I will in a couple weeks.
you mean the ratio is going to go up??

Im still stoked I got one after only 2 weeks of getting skunked and never actually catching anything bigger then a 20inch trout up here in the Northwest.. I use to catch a lot of stuff down in FL when I was a youngin but nothing as hard to catch as this..

2 weeks of trying after I actually was shown what to do.. I can't count my summer on the Sandy fishing with my 1-3lbs ugle stick summer steelheading!
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Nice fish man!
Nice job! :clap:
That's Riverside, right?
that was actually like 2 miles below the lower boatramp in McIver.. Just above that house that has the rock wall in the river..
I went 0-8 one day, and each fish was hooked solidly, other days I've gone 10-10. It's different every time out. That's what keeps it interesting.
good to hear you bagged your first winter this year! My buddy and I did also!
Nice fish man! I got my first steelhead of the year on the necanicum this weekend too
Excellent! :clap: You're on your way now! :dance:



I just tagged my first this last weekend, too... 25.5" hen on the Sixes.

My first thought after getting 'er in was, "Wow... I finally LANDED one!" after losing every single one that I hooked last year, I land the first one that I hook this year. Go figger!

Anyway, here's looking forward to many many more, right?:clap:
Johnny Southpaw
Nice fish! Keep those pics rollin' in!:clap::clap::clap:
First Winter of the year!

First Winter of the year!

Don't often post but it's the first one of the year for me.... also caught a 6-7lb Native with a pink worm, first time fishing with the pink worm.
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Nice one Hook!! Were you drifting the pink worm?
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