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Well, I'm back in Salt Lake City for a few days. I needed to drive 17,000 miles in 28 days to be able to come back and do my final testing and get my own truck. I actually got nearly 20,000 miles in 29 days. That's like an elephant running uphill...hauling arse. :lol::lol: I can't upgrade to company driver until tomorrow after I take my final tests so, I'm looking forward to my first nights sleep in a bed that's not on wheels. Unfortunately, I'm back in the training barracks for the next few nights instead of the Ramada, but it's only for a day or two.
For anyone interested I thought I would share where all I've been the past month. I left SLC January 27 at 2:00 then....Shuyler,NE > Warrenton, MO. > Shelbyville, IN. > Cumberland, IN. spent two days at my trainers house in Grant, MI. > Napolean, OH. > New Braumfels, TX. > Laredo, TX. > Ft. Worth, TX. > Irving, TX. > Phoenix, AZ. > Center Point, IA. > Carol Stream, IL. > Manteno, IL. > Gas City, IN. > Gary, IN. > Shelby, IA. > Storm Lake, IA. > Troy, IL. > Hebron, KY. > Mt. Sterling, KY. > Arcadia, FL. > Miami, FL. > Isolm, MS. > Indianola, MS. > Tempe, AZ. > Vernon, CA. > Wilmington, CA. > Fontana, CA. > Henderson, CA. > Ft. Morgan, CO. > Kansas City,MO. > Dodge City, KS. > Atlanta,GA. > Norcross, GA. > Lakeland, FL. > Ocoee, FL. > Ocala, FL. > Greensboro, NC. > North Cove, NC. > Henderson, CO. > Dodge City KS. > Salt Lake City, UT.
Like I said...hauling arse.:D I won't say it's been easy, that would be a lie, but it has been an experience I wouldn't trade for anything. I will be home in a few days and collecting all the huggin and lovin' I've missed out on. I have plans to take as many of my family members out with me for a few weeks at a time and am really looking forward to having them share the experience. I also invited Rose (lilsalmon) to spend a couple weeks out there with me. Maybe I should raffle OFF rides...;)
In the meantime, I can't believe how many new members we now have! It is very exciting to see so many new names added to the roster. AND I see Graphite Zen is now a "Super" mod...CONGRATULATIONS BO!! That is great news! I haven't had a chance to check up on everyone and what's been going on, but I will. Just as soon as I get some dinner and sleep. s l e e p :pray:
That's some serious mileage!!! Glad you had a safe venture.
Agreed with what Skunk said, glad all is well.
Thank you Barb!! However, what you have done and what you are becoming is a lot more impressive than me and my supermod status!!!

20,000 miles in 28 days. you can have that!!!! I don't even like driving to Radio Shack!!!

Glad its all going well raincatcher, I bet it will be nice to be home for a while. best wishes and good luck on test :-D
cool! nice to hear from you barb glad you are doin okay. i have also beebn to shelbyville indiana.. me and dad have been there multiple times :p
GraphiteZen said:
Thank you Barb!! However, what you have done and what you are becoming is a lot more impressive than me and my supermod status!!!

20,000 miles in 28 days. you can have that!!!! I don't even like driving to Radio Shack!!!


Oh I thought she said 'Super Mom' not Mod. oops...sorry Zen:redface::D
yay Barb!!!!! You did remember to pick me up a magnet at every stop? Just kiddin...hehe... Can't wait for my ride....remember to get that rod holder mounted the first second you get your own Truck......Damn I am soooo proud of you and soooo happy to here all is me once for a couple minutes when your back in town....I know your family will take your time but just want to say howdy...
Dang! That`s some drivin. Glad you are well!! Hope ya got some sleep.:pray:
John B
You can keep my raffle ticket, lets talk in about twenty years when were both in the old drivers home.
Holly smokes that's a lot of moving around the country in a short time. I was thinking about all that bad weather too. That's a lot of driving but when you add in the fact that you started in January, wow you be safe now!!!!
Bad Tuna
Whistling " Ive been everywhere man......
Glad things are going well for you Raincatcher. I remember the days of bouncing around from state to state. It was fun when I was young but sure glad thats all behind me. Some drivers would be bored doing the same 100 mile stretch twice a day for the last 28 yrs, but not me. Even though I know you are on the backside of 30:whistle: it doesn't make it any easier to be away from family & friends. In these times a person has to do what a person has to do to make a living & for that I admire you. Your not a person to sit around & say poor me I can't find work.

Watch out for the bears & the crazy fourwheelers out there & for Gods sake keep the rubberside down & the shinny side up.
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You'll soon realize that was just a short hop during nice weather! I'm impressed that you have done so well but why should I be. From what I hear you can do just about anything you set your mind to. How are your hands holding up? That would be my problem. I have a friend who retired and bought a big motor home to travel the country in and by the time he took a two week trip down the Oregon coast and back he had to get hand surgery it was so hard on him.... I'll stick with my little 4X4 Toyota for now.

Glad your back "In Country" for a while.

OnTheFly said:
Oh I thought she said 'Super Mom' not Mod. oops...sorry Zen:redface::D

haha.. Ok then. :cool:
Thanks for all the words of encouragement, I really appreciate it. :clap: I know a lot of people think I'm a little left of center for doing this, but, for now, I have no regrets. I have hummed Johnny Cash's "I've been everywhere" more than once and know full well that I have so much more to see. I knew this was a beautiful country from listening to my dad talk about it, he drove for nearly 48 years, but I am in awe of the beauty and grandeur. :shock: :D I have been blessed to meet some very nice and helpful people and not one jerk...yet. I don't have any delusions or misconceptions about the dangers, jerks or nastiness, I do have the expectation of making the very best of the situation at hand every day. Will I get rich? Depends on your definition. I certainly wasn't getting rich waiting for someone to OFFer me a job in Salem. I will be rich in experiences, sights and the possibility of meeting more wonderful/poopy people. The health benefits are great so far. I have lost three pant sizes and am much stronger than I was seven weeks ago. :dance: My hands are fine as long as I'm not driving down into Vail, Colorado during a snow storm. That was not fun...:confused: my trainer nearly had to pry my hands from the steering wheel. But...I did it and was damned proud that I didn't give up nor get the drivers seat wet. :lol::lol:
I did my road driving/backing tests yesterday and am proud to announce I aced them both. Credit is given first to God,then my amazing family and friends for all the support and love, then my trainer and then I will take a little for paying attention. Today was consumed with orientation and safety classes. I now get to wait for that all exciting phone call telling me they have the perfect truck for me. :D I was trained on a 2009 Perterbilt 389, 13 speed and would love to get one, but those are usually given to the more experienced drivers. Basically, I will take whatever they want to get me into as long as it gets me home SOON! :pray: I'm excited and exhausted at the same time. Luckily, I don't need to go back to the facility until I get that call. Tomorrow is R & R for me and lots of sleep. Funny thing is I haven't been able to sleep even in the king sized bed here at the refer unit humming in my ear all night???:rolleyes: Right now I'm headed for the worlds longest shower and then plan to treat myself to a sit down dinner in the restaurant.
Be safe
Good to heard from you again Barb and before you'll know it you will get the call!!!! Good for you is very encouraging to heard succesfull stories!!! :clap: :clap:
I knew you could do it!!!! I somehow missed your post on the 1st but I hope your shower and dinner was enjoyable. Can't wait to see you again.
I got the call! :clap: They flew me to St. Louis to pick up my 2010 Kenworth T2000 and I love it!! :dance: It needs a good hot shower(um, so do I:rolleyes:), but it is beautiful anyway. So much room and storage! :D The family & Rose will have plenty of room for their stuff when we hit the road! Unfortunately the poop that had it took all the locks, camera and permits with him so I might be heading toward Atlanta instead of Oregon. :confused: But you can put money down that I will be home SOON! :yay: Lord, I miss the color green and real trees! Mostly just little scrubby trees in 85% of what I've seen. Hope you are all enjoying my favorite color. :lol:
That's awesome Barb! Congrats!
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