Are trout the only kind of fish in Timothy Lake?

I do a lot of bass fishing over here on the coast. I have never been to Timothy lake but will be there in July. In all the reading I have done all I've heard about is trout/kokanee which is awesome. Just wondering what else there is to catch?
you can catch crawfish too and there tasty.
There are so many crawdads you can literally catch them by hand. Timothy is one of my favorite camping spots. Never seem to do very good fishing but I think a lot of that is due to lack of boat and the spot we always camp isn't exactly an ideal fishing spot.
Raincatcher said:
Brook,Cutthroat and Rainbow trout as well as Kokanee. Sorry,no bass.
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According to "Fishing in Oregon" (7th Ed.), the brookies can be up to 5 pounds. That's HUGE for a brookie! And, since there is an over abundance of crawdads (crayfish)...use the tails for brookie bait. It is their natural food choice.
I'm wondering about camping and fishing at Timothy. I don't have a boat small enough to put in the water up there so wondering if anyone knows of good spots that a person can fish and catch crawdads from their campsite?

We have a '33 foot class A motorhome and like to bring another car, if the site spaces are tight it would be good to know from your experience what might be best up there. I know there are several different campgrounds so would really like to know which ones are best, full hookups would be great too!

Thanks very much!!

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