Anyone want to meet for Turkey Day?

Swamp Puppy
So, my thanksgiving day plans are a little weak this year. Just me and the GF hanging out. So, decided to see if anyone else was not super busy and wanted to get together and make it a little more fun? I think she would like to cook at her condo in Hillsboro and all that jazz, so it should be easy to get too from most places.

let me know

Sounds fun but my plan is to get through some family time then ditch them to go fishing:)
The Nothing
sounds like fun, but turkey day is my only day off in a 12 day stint at work (kids, don't work retail/grocery during the holidays). Surf forecast is looking promising, so i'll probably out on the coast fishing
Wow, what a nice invite....I am all gimpy right now and not traveling too far from home....hope you have a great thanksgiving.
Indeed, I hope you all have a great turkey day!!
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