Anyone ever got their car broken into and lost all their fishing gears?

Uh...GZ...the question posed in the title of the thread...was beggin' for stories to be told.
Had a very cheap bicycle stolen in Singapore from the apartment parking lot. Cops came over quickly, and they actually called us a few times over the next few weeks to say that they had not found it yet. That is one safe place. Off topic, but could not help it.
That's too bad you got your vehicle broke into. I've had mine broken into twice, last February and March. With both break ins they pretty much wiped out most of the stuff in my truck. First one they took a full bag of personal work tools, work jacket, sunglasses and some other stuff. What suprised me is I actually had a fishing pole in my truck both times and they left it alone. Second break in they took my cd player (without the face, which to me seemed pointless) and my registration and owner's manual, maps, ect... Luckily I didn't have the title in the truck. And I've learned to not keep the registration in there either from now on. Called the police with both occurrences, and they made a report. I actually did have renters insurance, and reported the break in to them. They wanted an inventory of everything (including all the tools in my tool bag) and they needed proof of ownership of what was stolen. Receipts, pictures, stuff like that. Without it they wouldn't try to cover my losses. Anyways long story short, after the deductible i just got enough money back to replace a couple of tools taken and that was about it. I kept an eye on craigslist for about 3 months but never saw anything I thought was mine. I tell you what though, I can't stand thieves. One thing I did was go buy me one of those wireless motion detectors. Set out the sensor and if there's anytime where there might be someone walking around/next to my rig it let's me know.
I see fishing poles in my local goodwill all the time, just a tip for some cheap fishing stuff!
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