Any crab reports from Charleston, Siuslaw, or Yaquina Bay?

Inside only, please. My small boat isn't suited for open water.
Trying to decide whether and where to go this coming week.
Last couple of trips, although okay, were a tough harvest for just a few crabs.
Is that a cell phone?
I'll try and send a text to it.
But I'm too hearing impaired to make voice calls.
I just can't understand what's being said even with my implant.
F2F I do fine but phones just aren't clear enough for me.
I'm hoping to go on Tuesday but my regular fishing partner is having health issues.
Looking for a Eugene area local that wants to split the $70 cost of fuel for my truck and boat to Charleston and launch.
Preferably with their own three traps but I do have one new trap I can rig to make four if if someone wanted to share the cost.