Any advice

We will be camping at elk city soon was wondering if there is a Springer run up the yuquina river. Or if there is any fish this time of year. Any tips would be greatly appreciated


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According to the books "Fishing in Oregon", and "Complete Angler's Guide to Oregon", there is only a Fall run of Nooks. Which I have actually seen, for myself. But 10 days ago a shop owner in Lincoln City told me that, the Bluebacks are already coming in. Whether those fish would be all of the way up to Elk City, is anyone's guess. Have you considered, instead, of targeting the Siletz for steel?


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Yaquina is on plan to start getting hatchery spring chinook under CMP but last I heard, those plantings have not started yet. Siletz has a small run of springers and also summer steelhead, that is your nearest location to chase big fish this time of year. cheers, roger
I've only fished up there once but, as troutdude said, sea run cutthroat should be in there now. I paddled up to the skinny water and found some a few years ago.
Thanks for the tips. Probably going to hang around the camp ground and relax just trying to figure out what would be in there. I've fished the fall run down lower it's not to bad but not great. The kids want to take the boat so we might screw around and try for a cut.