well the alsea finally panned out for one fish for a friend and i today....we fished right above the meathole and caught the only fish b4 930 till we left so we could still make it over the peak.....kinda hairy comin home... lotsa snow.... see if i can get a pic from him to put up if he took any.. we left got part way there and realized no camera.....
Good job on the catch, me and a school buddy hit up Clemens and all I managed was to trip wading and get soaked all while it starts dumping snow...:clap: The joy of fishing:D
Nice job. I will be hitting it myself soon enough.
went out to the river myself real nasty but beautiful at the same time about 7:30 i hooked up at mill creek park got spit and left standing in the snow. at a time the snow was coming down so hard i couldent see my corkie hit the water. i seen the fish up at meathole nice a few guys not many fish traps are full though
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