A durable brand of raingear to recomend?

That time of year, for staying reasonably dry in the mist, does anyone have a favourite brand that holds up for a few years?
GRUNDENS!!!! ask coastal fisherman how rad they are! Cheers, Bob
One of my homie's used to work at Dan Dee Sporting Goods in Sweet Home. He swears by gear made by Rivers West (made in America).

Plus, I personally own one of their camo sets (hooded parka / bib overalls); and I LOVE them! They are also made for EXTREME cold conditions, and designed for places like Alaska, Wyoming, Montanna, etc. in the dead of winter. You don't even need to wear much under them (no thermal long johns needed)!

So, if you're gonna fish through the winter--that is my recommendation.

Here is their link: H2P Fabrics.

P.S. I forgot to mention: the Rivers West gear, is primarily made for extreme cold weather hunting (at least my outfit is made in that regard). But, I see no reason why it won't work for fishing. I intend to try mine out soon.
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I use Water Shed myself and I work outside year round. The Grundens are great if you are on a boat with constant spray in with temps in the 40s. Here in the Valley though you will cook in those things not to mention they weigh a ton. The Water Shed come in 2 classes with or without Goretex $40 or $120 per item. I still a jacket from 7 years ago so they will last a while depending on what you do. I only get about year out of the pants but I am rough on them an thats 2X as long as my Danners last.
All of my Rain gear is REI ultralight. They are lifetime guaranteed, light and breathable, and mountaineer tested, not to mention, you won't look like a tool when you are wearing them anywhere besides the boat, or the hunting grounds.
I'm not out in the harshest of conditions, however, my Patagonia Storm Jacket has been awesome. I use it while wading coastal rivers for Winter Steelhead, Snowboarding, backpacking, and as an every day rain coat. It's awesome. Keeps me dry and yet still looks good enough to wear day-to-day.
I got a pretty awesome pair of Carharts from Joe's before they closed and I'd recommend them to anyone! I got em much cheaper but I think you can find them for about $100 or so. I saw some at Fred Meyer's the other day. I've worn them at least 20 times and there's almost no wear and tear.
Hah.....This is excellent....yesterday at the gal gathering I got drenched. Note to self...don't dry waterproof jackets (thanks Jeanna for that advice..hehe). Have you ever heard of Stormshell? I am unemployed so can't spend a lot on rain gear but this company I have purchased from before has a Stormshell Rain gear suit for 14.97. Now, I know you get what you pay for but I think this company sells discontinued and seconds...just curious if anyone has heard of this company.....Last year at McIver we got rained on and I used a yellow dollar store rain parka with snaps...it worked great (good to keep in the car for an emergency)...the only thing bad is it turned my sweatshirt yellow but it did wash out...thats my 2 cents worth.
That shows to go ya...that a fisher peep does not necessarily have to spend a ton of $$$, for good weather protection.
I had a cheap set of Coleman's rain gear that made it about a year before the pants starting to come apart... I looked at Carhartts but I really didn't want something that stiff. I understand they are reinforced and will probably last forever but I need the mobility. I bought some Helly Hansen rain paints a couple of weeks ago and so far I really like them. My Coleman jacket is still holding up quite nicely.

Rain pants are a hard thing to buy when you are female. They just are not made to flatter our figures.
okay, okay, coleman jackets are good, and you like helly hansen pants... did you have to post that 3 times in a row? (jk) :lol::lol::lol:


Cabelas Guideware rain gear, not cheap but they are totally breathable and shed water like a Ducks back...the great thing is how durable they are. Still shedding water after 13 years!!! JMHO

Wow, what a great batch of references! Thanks. It must be a competitive market.
OFF is a great forum. :)
i have used the same simms guidewear jacket for almost 4 years now, and it's holding up perfectly. it's a little pricey (i got it as a present hehe!) but simms definitely puts out awesome products.
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