A blast from the past 2011 fly swap 11 OFF members tying and swapping flies (pictures)


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This was that swap.
I dig this display - it gets a lot of attention when fishin buddies come through..

If theres any interest in a steelhead fly swap, I may be in. I dont tie for trout anymore.. eyes dont likey.


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I love the idea of a fly swap. I am not really sure that anyone wants any of my shotty tie jobs but I would be down for a fly swap none the less. It seems like every time I am just starting to get the hang of it I put it away for to long.


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Im never too worried about how good or bad others tie - I tie worse than some and better than others.. Its never been a big deal for me, just love to tie.
Been spending all my vise time tying intruder type flies - single stage intruders are my thing.
Id be down to swap out a few w ya Knight - or anyone else wanting some selection in the box!
We all tie a tad different.


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I had fun with the jig swap but I suck too much at tying flies to trade, wouldn't be fair to you guys :p