9' Inflatable pontoon boat for sale. Great for those trout and bass lakes



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Sep 30, 2014
I am selling my 9' inflatable pontoon boat. You will see in some of the pictures the accessories I have purchased for the boat. A compressor that connects to a vehicle battery to inflate the pontoons, the connector lines are about 16' long. There is an inflation device I built as well as a pressure gauge I purchased. There is a plastic container that holds the pontoons. I only put the boat in the water 8 times. The reason being that I am 72 yo and getting down on my knees, and bending over to inflate the pontoons, hook up the frame, and all that is just too much for my back. The boat is in excellent condition, like new. It's a lot of fun. I had a 45 lb thrust Minn Kota electric motor and a very large battery that would run the boat all day. I built a mount for the motor for the front of the boat to be able to put the battery in the back and balance everything outThe motor was a bit overkill as it put out a wake about 18" high. The boat is rated 30 lb. If your planning on putting a motor on the boat I'll through the mount in. The only difference in the picture is that my boat is green and grey, other than that it's the same.
With all the accessories I am asking $400 firm. My Pontoon Boat is Green and Gray Pontoon boat extras Pontoon boat owners manual
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