8.9 earth quake and Tsunami

Happen to be up late and watched the quake and Tsunami in Japan. Truely feel bad for those folks over there. It was 8.9 the 5th strongest quake in recorded history. The tsunami was incredible. There is a tsunami watch for the US west coast. They waves travel at 500 mph. Back when I shipped in the merchant marine it would take us two week to get to Japan. The tsunami wave can cover the same distance in a matter of hours! They dont expect a problem in Oregon but Hawaii is on alert. At least we have buoys out in the ocean to advise us. Mother nature is still the boss. As those in New Zealand know.

At 12:45 am Oregon coast went from Tsunami watch to a Tsunami warninging to hit at 7:15 am per ocean buoys.
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Tsunami WARNING!

Tsunami WARNING!

Now issued for the Oregon Coast @ about 6/7 am this morning. At least 1 foot. Maybe 5:shock::shock: Hope all are safe this morning.
Stay away from the jetties!! A fish is not worth your life!
I got up this morning and this it was all over the news. Pretty intense situation waiting for the the waves to hit.
I first heard about it on the 10 o'clock news last night and I've been following it most of the night OFF and on. It is turning out to be a very small event on the Oregon coast, 2ft wave increase at La Push, WA and only 1/2 ft rise at Garibaldi, Oregon. I've been watching Channel 8 News all morning and they just showed the intake pipe for the Aquarium at Seaside and it has been exposed and then covered at half hour intervals. That's been the best evidence I've seen so far.
One of my sisters (Jane) lives on Roratonga (Cook Isls). I sent here a E-Mail about here situation, but have not heard back.
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