3/26 hopefully.


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Yeah, it was a good day. But tiring.
By the time I got the crab cooked and ate a couple of them, I was just too tired to post last night.
We did good on the crabs, caught enough of them to cull out the soft shells among them and still bring home limits.
A little upstream from our usual area.
Fishing was slow but we managed tree rockfish. One copper and two black, and I caught two legal lings, the larger of the two was just over 27 inches.
Hooked an even larger ling but it came unbuttoned right as it came to the boat.
Hard to find the kelp to fish as there were only a couple float bulbs popping up to the surface here and there.
Not a bad day on the water.

Big Nigiri

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I was down there today, had a great time! Was only on the water for 3 hours until it the wind and rain made it not fun. Caught 7 keeper size rockfish, 3 really nice sized black rockfish. No ling, but that is a new fishery for me, so next time. Brought home 7 crab, probably could have caught more, but really focused on the fish. Well worth the drive, had a blast.