2018 Henry Hagg Lake reports

May 23rd - Fished near Ramp C today, left with limit, most trout around 16".
also saw two truck loads of trout plants for this holiday weekend.
Met a buddy at Hagg around 10:30 yesterday morning. The day turned out to be beautiful as the weather report was calling for heavy cloud cover, but we were gifted blue skies and sun. My friend caught 2 rainbows... a 10" and a 14 1/2", but had a bunch of bites as well, using power eggs. I used a 7g rainbow trout Tasmanian Devil with no luck and only had 2 bites using Chartreuse Power Bait. I landed a very nice 19" rainbow on one of those bites.

It was a fighter, as it barely gave a faint jiggle to my rod tip, before absolutely slamming the rod tip and running deep. It's my largest rainbow for the year and was also the most delicious.



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Thanks for the report Mister Bisley . I'm jonesin' to head there tomorrow. Or maybe take the day OFF, on Monday. Glad you got a couple of nice ones. What color of Power Eggs were you using (other than Chartreuse)?

P.S. I've fished that very pocket before.
Thanks TD. Blew out my shoulder late Januarry. Still far from right but I have finally been able to get out on a limited basis. Too painful to read about fishing while I was completeky sidelined.