2014 Fish-camp


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I haven't been able to make any of the OFF gatherings in a few years, and I want to change that this year, so I'm proposing one :D

I'm proposing a redux of the June 2011 trip to Shady Cove on the Little North Fork. The last trip was fly fishing focused, though not exclusive. I'm proposing a similar trip. The 2011 trip was early June, and the water was high, clear, and especially cold. Few fish were caught, and thus I propose that the next trip be a week or two later - because by then the weather should be warm, the water a couple degrees warmer, and maybe a little lower. I was thinking it could cover the weekend of the 14th and 15th - since a lot of folks here have Saturday/Sunday off and might only be able to make it a day or two. Its far enough in advance to request my vacation time off - and I'd most likely by heading down a few days earlier than that.

We had most of the campground to ourselves last time, and Shady Cove was first come first served. There is a LOT o water - plenty for a pretty large group to cover, especially for those who don't mind a bit of hiking. Elkhorn Lake might even be accessible for the adventurous - last time we were denied access because of downed tree and some snow on the road up (even though it was 70 degrees or so in the daytime)

Shady Cove isn't too far from Detroit for those who prefer lake fishing - and you can always head down to the mainstem Santiam if you want bigger river fishing.

Another idea I had, if folks prefer something closer to Portland - is one of the campgrounds on the Clackamas. There's a lot of fishable water on the Clack system - you'd be close to Harriet and Timothy lakes, the Oak Grove Fork, the main stem, the North Fork, and the Collawash rivers. And if you're inclined you can always visit Bagby Hotsprings.

So what does everyone think?


I would definately have an interest considering the last gathering was a no-go for me due to the snow. That date you proposed is near my birthday, and I always take time off. I've never been to this location, but I'm up for camping and have a Drifter with potentially 2 seats open.


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Shady Cove campground sits on the Little North Fork of the Santiam east of Mill City, northwest of Detroit. Neat little campground. It's a kayak or innertube game to float the stretch up there (there is a water fall a couple miles downstream) - but if you're adventurous with your launches (ie - over a guard rail) you could probably float it below the falls down to the confluence. Never tried it. The mainstem Santiam, I bleev, has a launch at Fisherman's Bend campground. If Elkhorn Lake is accessible, you could trailer a drifter up there and launch. It's perfect for small row boat, canoe, or driftboat. It's not a big lake.

The LNF is a cool stream - some deep holes, with shallow gravel bars, pocket water, riffles. When it's clear, it's gin clear and very deceptive. During the last excursion, my nephew (youngfishtyler) tried fording the stream, and in one step went from thigh deep to chest deep water. I think another fellow had a similar experience while wearing hippers - knee deep to taking on water in one step. The bottom is so evenly colored and the water so clear - 6 feet of water looks the same as a foot in places. There are some seemingly bottomless holes where the water turned dark green, then black and you couldn't see bottom. Had to be at least 15 or 20 feet deep. I broke down and tossed a rather heavy spoon at one point, and because of the higher than usual flows that trip - couldn't get the spoon down more than a couple feet. The only fish we caught were caught short line nymphing, and I think there were only a handful of fish landed in 3 days fishing. That was mostly attributable to the high, cold water. Plenty of bugs coming off in the air - but it was so cold the fish were lethargic anyway.


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The LNF sounds like a fun trip to me. I wont be able to do the whole weekend, but should be able to attend on the Saturday.
Sounds fun, I'm always up for an adventure. I'm new to Oregon so it's all new water to me, I'll definitely be trying to make it down.
Sounds good Mark. It was a fun trip last time. That will be over Fathers day weekend therefore it is a fishing day for me. Chances are good I'll be there if I'm not already in Bend.


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Okay been a while since this was updated, I think it'd be best to push the camp out to another date - we're a month out from my original idea right now - and some crap has arisen that needs taken care of first - what do you guys think of a July rondevouz instead? Mid July to avoid ID crowds.

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Here it is June 9th! The crowds never stopped me from fishing at the peak of the season, camp or no camp. So what's the latest status of the camp-out location? Do we need to vote on something? Tony


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Great idea. Folks near about Portland would probably prefer something in the Mount Hood area though. Boss and wife permitting, not necessarily in that order; I am game on meeting up pretty much anywhere.