willamette river

  1. Kypedflies

    Winter carp fishing!

    Hey there! I am new to winter carp fishing as I am usually chasing salmon and steelhead with my fly rod during the fall/winter and have had a little luck getting into carp, I’ve landed one small fish and lost two others at Kirk park right below fern ridge two weeks ago and missed one big bite...
  2. bass

    All's well that ends well, 15 December 2019

    I decided it was high time to give Jurassic Park (sometimes known as Swan Island) a try. I had not been there since October and I was looking forward to a fun-filled day. I was also excited to try out my knew FF, a Garmin 106SV. A couple of the main reasons I upgraded are because I wanted to...
  3. bass

    Willamette River

    I type this with a light heart and leaden arms. I have not done much fishing lately and I wanted to start this year off right. The weather for New Year's day looked good so I decided to see if the Willamette river was where I had left it last. Thankfully, it was and looking none the worse...
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