1. nikita_pdx

    Wild trout near Gresham?

    I'm not someone who fishes for trout a lot, but its a lot of fun, especially creeks and rivers. My outfit consists of a G-Loomis TSR-801 2, and Daiwa Procyon 1000, with 4 lb Seaguar Red Label fluorocarbon. As far as I understand, Johnson creek is off limits to fishing, but as a kid I caught...
  2. nikita_pdx

    Salish ponds?

    Anyone know how Salish ponds are doing? Trout released? Bass spawning? Fish being caught? I fished my neighborhood pond yesterday and caught two decent bass, wondering if there's any other good local water (Gresham area).
  3. NKlamerus

    Alton Baker Canal reports 2020

    Howdy gang, back with an Alton Baker Canal report! Water was BUSY! Lots of paddlers, dog walkers, and definitely people fishing. Some guys at the launch we're catching trout, there was a school eating off the surface and they were inhaling power bait Few people at the pond with trout as well...
  4. nikita_pdx

    Lincoln City trout

    I made a recent post asking bout kayak fishing round Lincoln City, but I was also wondering if there are any trout opportunities in nearby rivers/creeks. Meaning wild trout in smaller creeks? I’ve already been given a lot of info on the reservoirs (Olalla, Big Creek) I will mainly do fly...
  5. jamisonace

    Solid winter fishing on the fly

    Quick afternoon on the river Friday. Trout fishing this time of year can be excellent....and lonely....which is a good thing. Only boat on the river. High water so fish were stacked like firewood in soft water. Very soft takes so we missed more bites than we hooked and lost as many as we landed.
  6. B

    Hills Creek Lake fishing reports 2020

    ibeen fisihing but not have any luck catching them