1. Perry_Heenus

    New to Columbia River area

    Hey everyone. Just moved here a few weeks ago right when the whole quarantine thing went down. I've bounced all over the place fishing. From Nevada to Hawaii and lived in Coos Bay for about 4 years doing a lot of Salmon Fishing. Now that I'm up in the Portland Vancouver area, I'm just looking...
  2. bass

    Crazy weather on the hunt for dinosaurs

    I hit Swan Island (Jurassic Park) in search of sturgeon (dinos) again this past Sunday. It was the last day before break and so even though the weather looked a little dicey I decided to give it a go before heading back to work. I got to the ramp around 8am or so and chatted with another...
  3. bass

    All's well that ends well, 15 December 2019

    I decided it was high time to give Jurassic Park (sometimes known as Swan Island) a try. I had not been there since October and I was looking forward to a fun-filled day. I was also excited to try out my knew FF, a Garmin 106SV. A couple of the main reasons I upgraded are because I wanted to...
  4. bass

    Willamette River Sturgeon Fishing

    I type this with a light heart and leaden arms. I have not done much fishing lately and I wanted to start this year off right. The weather for New Year's day looked good so I decided to see if the Willamette river was where I had left it last. Thankfully, it was and looking none the worse...
  5. C

    Sturgeon fishing between Eugene & Corvallis:

    Any advice as far as where to begin searching for Sturgeon between Eugene and Corvallis? I'm considering Irish bend ... Thanks!
  6. jamisonace

    Sturgeon show-OFF

    My boys have been wanting to catch sturgeon for awhile now so thanks to Bass, we got dialed in on a few things and headed to Portland with one of their friends. We started in the Swan Island harbor and quickly hooked three before we got asked to move so a dry dock could move into our spot. We...