1. jamisonace

    Winter Steelhead Show OFF 2020

    Happy New Years OFF folks! Let's see those pics of winter steelhead! Good start to my year. Will be hard to top but I'm sure it will happen. Was fishing alone in the sled and couldn't get it in my small shallow steelhead net without it flopping out so I ran to the bank and brought it to my feet.
  2. Bob Budesa

    February steelhead on Wilson/Nehalis/Trask/Kilchis?

    I'll be in Tillamook for a week in February. Having never fished any of these rivers, I'm lookin' for some suggestions for wader fishing and swinging flies with TH rods. Maybe even throwing a spoon or two if regs allow. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. C_Run

    Steelhead 2018 show OFF

    Share your 2018 steelhead pictures here. Got one in the Northwest Zone with a homemade spoon this morning.
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