siuslaw river

  1. GaryP1958

    Siuslaw River Fishing Reports

    Today was my 8th trip out! 3 weeks ago the water was 70F today down by the Wall it was 53 and 60F at The Dairy Hole! Fishing is getting better daily 1/2 fish per rod I would say. Lost one to a seal today above Cushman. Fish are being caught above the Dairy Hole and Cushman and alot more boats out!
  2. C

    Siuslaw river fishing reports

    I have been super busy and not until my kicker went down on sunday have I had time to get on here. The Siuslaw river has fished very well since the last big tide series. The big swings cooled the river off and brought in wave after wave of fresh chrome Kings! Good bites were being had from the...
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