1. Kypedflies

    Spillways on long Tom River?

    I am looking for a specific spillway on the long Tom and not sure what part of the river it’s located at!? I have seen a few videos of it and it has a cement wall with graffiti on it and is a fairly tall spillway that hold a good amount of carp, any help would be much appreciated thank you!
  2. Kypedflies

    Winter carp fishing!

    Hey there! I am new to winter carp fishing as I am usually chasing salmon and steelhead with my fly rod during the fall/winter and have had a little luck getting into carp, I’ve landed one small fish and lost two others at Kirk park right below fern ridge two weeks ago and missed one big bite...
  3. S

    Good carp spots?

    Where can I find some good spots for carp I want to get more into carp fishing!! I went out last year and I got an 8 pounder check it out! But I want to know what to use and where to use it
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