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    Harriet Lake is an awesome fishery!

    Since no one wanted to hit the river with me today, I decided to dust off my 5 wt fly rod and head up to Harriet lake. I couldn't believe how good the bite was. I caught fourteen trout up to 16". Most of them were caught on a hares ear nymph. Late in the day the fish started eating dry flies. It...
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    Any advice for trout on the Clackamas up past Estacada?

    I'm taking my kids camping this weekend out to the clackamas River past estacada this weekend. Any advice for getting into some trout would be greatly appreciated.
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    Loving the pre season bass fishing in the Willamette zone!

    I took my son out yesterday hoping to catch a few before the bulk of the storm hit. we didn't catch a lot, but the ones we got were quality. 6.74 lb fish 4.22 lb 5.95 lb I went out a couple of weeks ago and managed another out of the same area 8.05 lbs on a stren scale Cant wait for spring to...
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    Bassin this weekend?

    We are gonna have five days of decent weather on a row. I am thinking of taking my kick boat out and doing some bass fishing this sunday. Any other bass guys out there suffering from cabin fever want to come too?
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    Tualatin River bass fishing

    I am looking for information on bass fishing in the tualatin River. I plan on heading out in my kick boat a drifting the river next week if it is not blown out from this storm. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.