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    Featured Winter Steelhead Show OFF 2020

    Got this one a few weeks back. Been a great year for me with Steelhead.
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    Silvers on the Clackamas or Sandy?

    I have fished the mouth of the clack the last 3 weekends. Two weeks ago at low tide there was 5 or 6 fish caught in the morning bit. Most were native. Last weekend at high tide was slow with only 1 or 2 natives caught and released.
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    Winter steelhead 2019 show OFF

    Have two full days out on the river with nothing.... Hoping to get out in a few weeks and will hit it hard.
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    Silvers on the Clackamas or Sandy?

    I took a paddle up the Clack from the Willamette last weekend. There were quite a few guys fishing on the banks and stated they are seeing Coho rolling. They are in the mouth of the Clack right now. I want to try and get one this weekend.