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  1. GoBlueFan

    Building the CO fishing community

    Love this site! i just bookmarked it again on my new computer! Keep up the great work!
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    Newport jetty fishing

    Good Ol' Newport Jetty in Central Oregon is a great place to fish!
  3. GoBlueFan

    Bass lures - hard baits, soft plastics, terminal tackle

    What’s your location?
  4. GoBlueFan

    Last minute opening...

  5. GoBlueFan

    Get paid to catch pikeminnows?!?!

    I heard about this a while back
  6. GoBlueFan

    Questions about Deschutes River

    So i may be moving to bend in the near future and i don't know ANYTHING about the Deschutes River, so my questions are, is the river a fly fishing only river? i know there is trout but what else is there? do they get a salmon run? i am completely clueless of this river so any info would be...
  7. GoBlueFan

    South Umpqua springers

    Just wondering who plans on hitting the south umpqua for springers this year and will you bank it or boat?
  8. GoBlueFan

    Carter Lake

    Has anyone fished this little lake just south of Florence?
  9. GoBlueFan

    Winter fishing

    All i can say is the season before last i caught and released 10 steelies,then this last season i only felt the tug twice and did everything under the sun as i did the season before> BUT this year i have learned how to read the river a little bit more and i do as much recon as i can (i mean like...
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    Alsea steelhead

    Im thinking of hitting Tidewater and staying a few nights at blackberry,this will be my first time in that area.
  11. GoBlueFan

    I have a gauge for camping times.....what's yours

    I really like to camp out of the back of my pick up with just the shell on it and some cushions with some blankets/sleeping bags. i get up around 5 am make some instant coffee,do a little reading till the sun comes up and then hit the water for about 6 hours. grab a MRE (just add water meal)...
  12. GoBlueFan

    NW river flood predictions

    my lower property is officially under water 20 feet roughly :yikes: so i just finished my arc.
  13. GoBlueFan

    Rivers rising fast

    Slaw is flooding....but looks like a quick drop starting tomorrow. was thinking of jumping on the "toon" and doing a float from mapleton to the ocean tonight, Haha
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    6!?!? Jeez what is your friend using?
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    Where are all the fiiiiiish??

    Kinda in between species coming out of salmon season going in to steelhead season. But if you don't have patience then you may not want to sit that one out.
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    suck it up grandpa! get your butt back in that boat!!!! :lol:
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    Dos más

    Nice! i still have hope of kicking this skunk
  18. GoBlueFan

    Slaying on the lake this weekend

    Ya to bad the coho season on the river is over! but that means better numbers in the future. I just hope nobody is Poaching :mad-new:
  19. GoBlueFan

    Poll: What species do you fish for the most?

    Technically he DIDN'T leave OFF Steelhead,being Steelhead is trout!!