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  1. GoBlueFan

    Get paid to catch pikeminnows?!?!

    I heard about this a while back
  2. GoBlueFan

    Questions about Deschutes River

    So i may be moving to bend in the near future and i don't know ANYTHING about the Deschutes River, so my questions are, is the river a fly fishing only river? i know there is trout but what else is there? do they get a salmon run? i am completely clueless of this river so any info would be...
  3. GoBlueFan

    South Umpqua springers

    Just wondering who plans on hitting the south umpqua for springers this year and will you bank it or boat?
  4. GoBlueFan

    Carter Lake

    Has anyone fished this little lake just south of Florence?
  5. GoBlueFan

    Getting skunked

    So Coho season ends on the Slaw in 3 days and its not looking good for me this year:sad: anyone else have a skunk year?
  6. GoBlueFan

    Just a heads up!

    Well it's that time of year again and the fish will be biting soon here on the Siuslaw, but i just wanted to give a heads up to anyone new to Salmon Fishing here on the "Slaw"... there are NO fish up here in the upper part of the river just yet. i have seen at least a half dozen or so casting...
  7. GoBlueFan

    Good place to tent camp?

    So I'm thinking I might hit the Umpqua this spring for some smallmouth action,but I was wondering where a good place to do some tent camping along the river. Any help will do
  8. GoBlueFan

    Could it get any worse....

    Ok so i finely got some time to get out and do some fishing for steelhead this morning, the sun is shinning,the river has got back down to a fishable level and the wife said it was ok ! the day started out good, went over to fish farnham and had a hit with the 5th cast but it shook my hook...
  9. GoBlueFan

    The Mighty Slaw

    This River refuses to get down to a fishable level, i know it is at a good level to bring the steelies in but the problem is it is moving way to fast to fish :sad: so i am hoping that it will drop in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for upcoming reports!
  10. GoBlueFan

    Water temps

    So I went out just in front of my house on the upper slaw and checked the water temp and it was a warm 67 degrees this afternoon, so I am guessing that's why no fish or little amount of fish coming thru :(
  11. GoBlueFan

    Eel Lake

    Going to try my luck next week on some bass fishing at Eel Lake next week, just wondering if anyone has any info on it? :)
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    Can someone tell me when the springer run starts on the Willamette and where is a good spot on the river to try from the banks? not familiar with the river yet so any help will be appreciated. Thanks:)
  13. GoBlueFan

    Not sure

    Even though I like salmon fishing and new to steelhead,I still love Bass fishing! But my problem is knowing when and where? So I need to know when do most bass start getting on their beds and what lakes should I be fishing? I live in Mapleton but don't mind driving 50-60 miles for some large or...
  14. GoBlueFan

    Went to sleep

    Seems like the river went to sleep after the rain:sad: Not hearing anything or seeing anything and definitely not catching any. Hope spring comes early
  15. GoBlueFan

    Hitting the bank on the Slaw

    So i finely hooked in to my first steelhead on new years day and now i cant stop thinking about getting back out there,so i am heading back down (literally i live on the upper bank) so if anyone would like to hit the river bank and snag some steelheads with me just pm me i am heading down...
  16. GoBlueFan


    Ok got some gear to get back out there, but now I need to know where to go for some steelhead fishing. Do they come up the Siuslaw? I hate to sound like a broken record but if anyone wants to take a noob under their wing and show them the ropes and earn a new fishing buddy please let me know. I...
  17. GoBlueFan

    Still producing

    We'll just thought I would report that (although I'm not able to fish it) the good ol' Slaw is still producing nice fish. I watched over this weekend a few guys pull out few good size nooks,and today with the fresh rain I'm sure there are more to be had:thumb: Good luck out there!
  18. GoBlueFan

    Just sitting here watching

    :popcorn:So once again it is Football Saturday and i find myself watching my Beloved Michigan play Michigan state and cant help but notice some people out fishing here on the slaw, as i notice the one guy in a green canoe fly casting i see him catch one then i look across the river at the park...
  19. GoBlueFan

    Maybe next year

    :sad: We'll my first year of salmon fishing and fishing in general for this year is over due to losing almost all of my gear and a ton of traveling I have to now do for work. So I just wanted to say thanks to all that have help me out on this year (although I didn't get any) I had a blast...
  20. GoBlueFan

    What happen???

    Anyone in the florence area off the 126 at the Siuslaw Marina this morning knows what was going on with the SWAT team there?