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    Henry Hagg Lake fishing reports

    Took my 8 year old up to Hagg last saturday and had a great time. We fished the cove on the south side of the dam and did pretty well. Isaac had never caught a trout before and was thrilled when he got 3 nice rainbows. When he was reeling in the largest it was so funny watching his face, he had...
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    Do you have a "special place"

    Interesting topic! Its nice to know there are other people who think the way I do. I have several places i want my ashes sprinkled. 1. South Junction on the Deschutes, my favorite riffle on the entire river. 2. Dairy Creek in the headwaters (Mountaindale area). Gorgeous Native Cutts! 3...
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    Searun cutthroats on the Wilson

    They fought really well, some even came out of the water multiple times. The section I fished was actually very clean. I brought a bag with me and cleaned up as I fished. Several beer and pop cans in the water but considering all the sunbathers it wasnt to bad. You ever fish the Lochsaw river in...
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    Searun cutthroats on the Wilson

    Beaverfan, you are 100% right! had to much trouble trying to take pics with my cell phone, should have brought the digi camera. Black foam ant pattern with a little orange on top for visibility. this fly floats very low and the trout seem to love it. very subtle takes. also used Elk Hair Caddis.
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    Searun cutthroats on the Wilson

    I fished MP 19 this morning and had an excellent day. Caught 7-8 cutts between 12-17 inches. They were everywhere. Used worms and also used my fly rod. Cutts are very healthy this year. The info I received from this forum made all the difference.
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    Big trout in the Wilson River today!

    What milepost were you fishing near? I just got back from the Wilson myself and did very good on a fly rod. I caught around 30 cutts all were holding in long riffles in under 2-3 feet of water. Around 4-6pm the fishing turned on. The best fly I used was an Black Ant pattern with some orange on...
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    Wilson River cutthroat!!

    Headed to the Wilson after work Friday and fished around mile post 26 and 27. Spent most of my time trying to find a place to fish, way tooooo many sunbathers and partyers. Everytime I found a good spot someone already had it. Eventually I found a good stretch and caught 20-25 little ones...
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    Beautiful sea-run cutthroat!

    Gorgeous Cutt!!! I took my boys to the wilson Monday night looking for cutts. We caught 15-20 small ones (smolts) but never did see anything bigger. Post a pic of that fly you were using, sounds interesting.
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    High lakes thread..

    Eggs do you have any current info on Mt Hood lakes??? Small to med with good sized brookies. I am tired of catching 6-9 inch brookies.
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    Rainy and Black lakes

    Did a little exploring over the weekend and fished two lakes i`d never heard of before. Both lakes are on the hood river side of mt hood. Both lakes are very small with brook trout. I caught 15 out of Black with the biggest 9 inches. Rainy lake looked like it should have held larger brook trout...
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    Mt Hood flyfishing and camping???

    I`m taking my family camping next week and want to find a Lake we can catch some trout and have a nice place to camp. Any ideas or current fishing reports??? I was thinking of Shining lake or possibly Harriet. I`ve fished all the larger lakes and want to try a smaller one.
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    Harriet Lake!!!

    Weds I decided to give Mt Hood one more try before the snow hits and closes the lakes for the winter. I ended up at Harriet lake and had the entire lake to myself. On my fifth cast I landed a beautiful 21inch rainbow. I was drifting thru the inlet with a black/olive seal bugger on a sinking...
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    Mt Hood Brook trout

    Rock Lakes above Harriet??? Rock Lakes above Harriet??? I know there are several lakes near Harriet, but do you know which one specifically has nice sized Brookies in it?
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    Mt Hood Brook trout

    Beautiful fish!! Beautiful fish!! Thanks for the info and the pics, I had no idea they had Brookies in trillium. I`m heading up sometime next week.
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    Rianbow Lake (near Detroit lake)???

    Does anyone have any current info on this lake? I`ve heard stories of Brookies 13-16 inches. Sounds to good to be true.
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    Mt Hood Brook trout

    Other than Timothy Other than Timothy I`ve spent alot of time at timothy and you are right, Brookie fishing can be really good. I`m looking for a smaller more scenic lake. Any suggestions?
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    Mt Hood Brook trout

    I`m looking for a good Brook Trout lake on Mt Hood. Any current fishing reports??? I`m thinking about Badger any advice??