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  1. portlandrain

    Dorena Reservoir 7-25-20 mixed bag

    It looks like some of the decent fish stay up shallow there in summer, that's good to know. Do you know the water temp?
  2. portlandrain

    Dorena Lake 6-20-20

    I was at cottage Grove last week and managed to catch a few spots but it was a tough lake! It took four hours to get the first bite. I also prefer Dorena, it's a gorgeous lake
  3. portlandrain

    Denied! ramp closures on the Willamette

    No doubt, Wednesday was already really busy on the lower river. Thanks for the heads up on the closures, that's a real bummer.
  4. portlandrain

    Bass fishing @ Eel Lake?

    I fished it for one evening and caught a 3 incher! Haha It's really clear which made it tough. I could see smaller bass in 10 feet of water no problem
  5. portlandrain

    Rooster Tails - love em or hate em?

    Those ones are my favorite! As well as white, and watermelon. I have caught literally hundreds of native cutthroat on the Nehalem River with those three. There were days as a kid where we would float a couple miles in rubber rafts and catch 20 or so each in just a few hours. It's hard for me to...
  6. portlandrain

    I don't know how to fish Hagg in the summer

    I have a lot of trouble at hagg in summer too. A lot of people talk about the summer pattern for large mouth in general being either shallow cover or deep. Hagg is plenty deep, easily 100 feet at the damn end, but once the water starts to fall there is next to 0 shallow cover. Just muddy bottom...
  7. portlandrain

    Tenmile Lake 6/28 - 6/30

    Thanks for the info guys! Much appreciated. Tight lines.
  8. portlandrain

    Tenmile Lake 6/28 - 6/30

    I'll be fishing Tenmile the this weekend from my kayak. Camping nearby for two nights. I've never been there before, going in a bit blind. Is the only public launch truly the big one on the west end of the south lake? Is it safe to go through the small channel to the north lake in a kayak...
  9. portlandrain

    Fishing for trout in streams and creeks near Portland

    Also go west of Portland toward the coast. The majority of coastal rivers hold cutthroat. Two with easier access would be the Wilson off highway 6 and the Nehalem off highway 26. Size can be good but the majority will be smaller. Definitely smaller than when I was a kid based on recent...
  10. portlandrain

    Crane report June 1

    Yeah it was a really good trip that will be hard to top for sure. It's hard to tell what made the fishing different. The obvious reaction is time of day, and low light compared to bright overhead sun. But the evenings were also sort of post frontal following the afternoon storms. There were...
  11. portlandrain

    Crane report June 1

    On Friday, day 1, I arrived to the lake around 11 AM after driving over from the Portland area. My method was going to be plan out the trips to maximize bass fishing, and fish for trout when I got the urge, because I had been told that the trout were still throughout the lake and I wouldn’t need...
  12. portlandrain

    How Rapalas are made

    Me too, maybe that's a West coast thing...
  13. portlandrain

    How Rapalas are made

    I thought this was a cool video. I've been using these since I was a kid and always have a couple in my box. Fish catching machines, but I'm sure you all know that!
  14. portlandrain

    I hit the upper Willamette with Portlandrain on Memorial Day

    Nice write up, as usual, @bass! That was a fun day. It started pretty slow but it seems the air temps were directly tied to the bite after a chilly night. As the afternoon warmed up the fish became much more willing. What I noticed was that the bite was very soft while fishing my tube jig. The...
  15. portlandrain

    Crane Prairie 5/31 & 6/1

    No doubt about the wind. Last time I had to paddle from basically the dam clear across to Quinn head on into the wind. I had fished my way more or less along the back all the way over, then the wind hit. The waves felt enormous. At times water came right over the bow and into my sit inside...
  16. portlandrain

    Henry Hagg Lake fishing reports

    @bass hey man, I'd love to fish with you if you'd be interested. I planned to hit hagg tomorrow and the Willy on Monday! I could easily flip those two. Cool weather tomorrow will keep the idiots off the Willy, maybe that's the better plan now that I think about it I actually hit you up for some...
  17. portlandrain

    Henry Hagg Lake fishing reports

    Man, the bass are the best part of the lake in my opinion... And I don't mean for eating
  18. portlandrain

    Crane Prairie 5/31 & 6/1

    Thanks hobster, good to know. I've only been there once, and it's huge. It was late July so I had my best success in the channel out from the Quinn launch. I'll be in a kayak so total distance is a huge factor for me. Any advice on a ramp to launch from that will bare decent results? I had...
  19. portlandrain

    Henry Hagg Lake fishing reports

    Awesome report! I hope to get my kayak out there this weekend. Is funny, I can't seem to catch em on a jerk bait. I guess it's a confidence thing. But they love a spinnerbait at hagg. And I also never catch smallies there. I assumed they like the Rip rap at the damn, but it sounds like you're...