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    St. Louis ponds

    Hey all! Me and a buddy are heading to the ponds early a.m. next week. Any gear and/or pond advice would be awesome. Trying to catch anything (trout, bass, crappie, blue gill). I just respooled w some 8# line (Will that be enough?), I'm guessing roosters, spinners, worm and Bobber all works...
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    Bank fishing???

    hi there! i am goin to be campin at Wallowa Lake State Park next weekend for a family reunion and was wondering if there are any good spots to fish from the bank? if so, what has seemed to work as for gear? i appreciate any advice that anyone can give me regarding this lake. are there any spots...
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    1st bass ever using a Senko!

    well i finally had luck bass fishin usin a Senko (jus started fishin for bass a few weeks ago). this was down @ Cooks park on the Tualatin. ps: thanks Colby for the tips :)
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    Bank fishing???

    Hello! I am looking for suggestions for places to bank fish for trout/bass up to 20-30 mins outside of Portland (I am in Beaverton). I have tried Commonwealth but it was a little to "public" for me. I dont mind walking a trail to get to a good fishin spot, hell i would even dangle on a rope...
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    New to fishing in Oregon

    I have never fished in Oregon before (Washington native) and live in the Garden Home area of Beaverton. Looking to fish for trout/bass and was hopin someone could give me some pointers where to start. I tried Commonwealth and it was a lil too "public" for me. I was thinking the Tualatlin? would...