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  1. portlandrain

    Tenmile Lake 6/28 - 6/30

    I'll be fishing Tenmile the this weekend from my kayak. Camping nearby for two nights. I've never been there before, going in a bit blind. Is the only public launch truly the big one on the west end of the south lake? Is it safe to go through the small channel to the north lake in a kayak...
  2. portlandrain

    Crane report June 1

    On Friday, day 1, I arrived to the lake around 11 AM after driving over from the Portland area. My method was going to be plan out the trips to maximize bass fishing, and fish for trout when I got the urge, because I had been told that the trout were still throughout the lake and I wouldn’t need...
  3. portlandrain

    How Rapalas are made

    I thought this was a cool video. I've been using these since I was a kid and always have a couple in my box. Fish catching machines, but I'm sure you all know that!
  4. portlandrain

    Crane Prairie 5/31 & 6/1

    I'm headed out to Crane Prairie the weekend after the holiday. I'll be there Friday and Saturday. Looking for bass and I'll probably try for the bows too. Will anyone else be there that weekend? I'm gonna be in my kayak and always interested in meeting other anglers, whether on the water or at...
  5. portlandrain

    Central regulations, Columbia River

    The regs for bass read: Lakes: Open all year. Streams: Open during trout, salmon or steelhead seasons only, except portions of Columbia River tributaries flooded by Bonneville and The Dalles dams are open all year. How far do those dams flood though? If I'm fishing back water areas...
  6. portlandrain

    Kayak in high water

    I'm trying to understand the relationship between gage height and current/velocity. I want to get out on time Willamette but the high water makes me nervous. My assumption is that because the water is high, the current must be strong as well. Is that the case? It's hard to really see the current...
  7. portlandrain

    Willamette largemouth!

    I caught this beauty at my "secret spot" that everyone knows about on the Willamette on Saturday morning from the bank. I caught one other largemouth in there last year so I knew they were there but this one was pretty impressive. around 3 lbs I think. Sorry for the selfie, was fishing alone. ...
  8. portlandrain

    Baits for Crane Prairie?

    I hope to catch bass mostly, but if they're not biting I'll go for trout. I'll be in a kayak. What kind of baits do people throw with success there in general? I typically go all artificial for trout but have read some things about using 'bugs' there. What do people mean by that?
  9. portlandrain

    John Day bank access?

    I'll be doing a day trip this coming week and I'll be on foot, fishing from the bank. It doesn't seem ideal from my research online but it's what I've got to work with. Are there any general areas you guys could point me to? I'm coming all the way from Portland via I84 so I'd prefer to not to...
  10. portlandrain

    Kayaking trip?

    I was wondering if anyone with a kayak would be interested in a river trip with me for some trout fishing. I was thinking about going to the Lower Nehalem or something similar now that the weather is warming. I haven't really looked into details and it would be my first trip like this. I...
  11. portlandrain

    Looking for some pointers

    I'm having a problem. I can't catch anything but pond scum anywhere but Hagg! I go to Hagg about once a week recently hunting down the largemouth, usually fishing the S/SW side up into the creek arms from my kayak. I catch them every time i go. Today i caught 4 (one was a smallie) and hooked up...
  12. portlandrain

    Trouble with regulations

    Hey there, I'm excited to go looking for some cutthroat in the upstream areas of the Nehalem river (birkenfeld/Jewell/Mist areas) and would also like to give it a try on the Wilson, along Highway 6. That river looks gorgeous, I'm sure the trout are just as nice in there. The regulations are...
  13. portlandrain

    Bass in McNary Lake on Sauvie Island?

    I took my kayak out there this morning. I had never fished on the island before and had read on the ODFW site that there were bass in that particular lake. It was the first accessible place I found. The water was pretty murky, only about a foot or so of visibility. I tossed a couple different...
  14. portlandrain

    Good spots for bank fishing for largemouth?

    Hi everyone, First post here. Been getting lots of good info recently though! I used to fish for bass a lot in Vernonia Lake as a kid but haven't done much of any fishing in the last 8 years or so. I got my old rod and reel back out this week and bought some simple tackle. I'm getting anxious...