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    4/19 smallmouth and 4/20 largemouth

    Went out past the dalles on 4/19. Got on the water around 3 pm. I got 20 something bass and got 1 18 inch fish and 2 17 inch fish. Alot of 14-16 inch fish. All caught on crankbaits in shallow water. The water was 55 in the backwater and 49 on the river. On 4/20 I went out chasing largemouths. I...
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    Bass in the Gorge 4/4

    Went up to the gorge today to see if I could get into some early bass. Got instant action off of a rocky island. Ended up with around 30 bass and didn't get any dinks. The best bait was the plastic shad rap and a jig. I got them between hood river and the dalles. The columbia river bite is on.
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    Amazing bank fishing day

    I got off work at 2:30 and decided to go try hagg for the evening bite for bass. I got there at 3:30 and started casting out my old reliable xcalibur jerkbait. I got a couple cookie cutter largemouth and then switched over to a senko. I got 4 on that twitching it on the bottom deep. The shade...
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    Good luck charms for bass

    I was wondering if anyone here has some kind of good luck charm when they go bassin. I always wear my wally world 3$ camo hat. If I don't wear it I seriously catch nothing. I also got my old 5 ft baitcaster combo. I never fish with out it.
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    Bassin on the fourth

    I got on the water about 5:30 am and fished until 10:00 am. I wanted to get out of there before the wrecking crew showed up. I caught 5 largemouth and 1 smallie and my co angler got 2 smallies. All cookie cutters. Most on senkos and a few on a rapala minnows. Not to bad of a day and I avoided...
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    Going to the gorge this weekend

    Im heading out to the gorge tommorow at 4 am. I wont be back until sunday but if my phone works enough I might send live action reports. Hopefully I will get that 5 pound smallie this time.
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    Trout bank fishing

    Im going to hagg tommorow and mostly going to target bass from shore and wouldnt mind catching some trout. I dont want to bait fish is there any chance of catching any casting out rooster tails or teasers?
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    Let's see some Hagg Lake fish photos

    Now that the seasons over lets see some fish. Bass, trout or whatever anybody caught. Ill put some more up tonight.