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    4/19 smallmouth and 4/20 largemouth

    Went out past the dalles on 4/19. Got on the water around 3 pm. I got 20 something bass and got 1 18 inch fish and 2 17 inch fish. Alot of 14-16 inch fish. All caught on crankbaits in shallow water. The water was 55 in the backwater and 49 on the river. On 4/20 I went out chasing largemouths. I...
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    Bass in the Gorge 4/4

    Went up to the gorge today to see if I could get into some early bass. Got instant action off of a rocky island. Ended up with around 30 bass and didn't get any dinks. The best bait was the plastic shad rap and a jig. I got them between hood river and the dalles. The columbia river bite is on.
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    Columbia smallies starting to heat up!!

    Nice bass. I cant wait until I go up in may!
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    Big early bass

    Nice bass.
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    Hey Finneus ... caught that Dec. bass yet ? ... I gave up ... Will have to

    I pretty much threw in the towel until february.
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    Amazing bank fishing day

    The bigger bass were right by structure. Most of the smaller ones were more spread out and making surface splashes. I had to kind of call in the bigger ones by ripping the bait real hard and letting it suspend for a few seconds.
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    Nice limit in a couple hours at Hagg Lake

    Looks like some tasty dinner. Nice to see some trout being caught. I haven't seen anyone getting fish hopefully this fool weather will get them moving.
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    Amazing bank fishing day

    I got that out at seaside. I put it on as a joke.
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    Amazing bank fishing day

    I got off work at 2:30 and decided to go try hagg for the evening bite for bass. I got there at 3:30 and started casting out my old reliable xcalibur jerkbait. I got a couple cookie cutter largemouth and then switched over to a senko. I got 4 on that twitching it on the bottom deep. The shade...
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    How to

    Use a weightless senko and twitch on the edges of the grass or weeds. You can also use stickbaits reeled in slowly. I use a 2inch rapala balsa minnow and a 4 inch x rap these lures drive bass nuts.
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    Good luck charms for bass

    :yay:No wonder I cant catch anything over 10 inches. Its those bananers:yay:
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    Help with the upper Willamette

    It's too hot for me. I got off the water at 10 am at hagg because it was already to hot on Friday.
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    Good luck charms for bass

    I was wondering if anyone here has some kind of good luck charm when they go bassin. I always wear my wally world 3$ camo hat. If I don't wear it I seriously catch nothing. I also got my old 5 ft baitcaster combo. I never fish with out it.
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    Help with the upper Willamette

    Im avaible next weekend saturday or sunday.
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    Help with the upper Willamette

    Its not that bad. They have a well marked channel because theres alot of barge traffic through there. I never actually ventured into the rock island sloughs they were way to dangerous looking. Probably lots of bass in there but theres huge reefs then its 40 feet deep very unpredictable. I have...
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    Help with the upper Willamette

    Sounds cool. I have saturday and sundays off or if you go during the week I work swing so I can morning fish. I mostly caught smallies up there but once in a while got a largemouth here or there.IMHO I think the stretch from west linn to the yamhill river is the best area. There are tons of...
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    Help with the upper Willamette

    I used to fish alot around rock island out of west linn. I know the channel and quite a few good spots. First few times up there I had some close calls with submerged reefs.
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    Top that.......(water that is)

    Representing the senko army!!:yay:! Nice to see someone getting into some bass.
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    Bassin on the fourth

    Up in creek arms in shady areas by grass and trees. Especially points in the grass and the ends of trees. 3 inch senkos and 2.5 inch rapala
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    Must be that time ?

    Working 6 days a week doesnt help me either:rolleyes: