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    Another 31lb monster!

    I'm posting this a couple days late so I apologize for the delay, but what a great day on the water Wednesday was. The outside temp topped out around 80 degrees and the water temperature was anywhere from 67-70. My buddy Jeff and I were scouting a few spots along the Columbia when we finally...
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    Ocean massacre

    *** This is a trip report I thought I'd share from spearboard that I posted on 4-9-15. Enjoy! Jeff and I took our chances at Tolovana this past Thursday. Conditions seemed to be better than expected. Magicseaweed was saying it was going to be a 3-4ft surf day but it was quite a bit under...
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    On the board!

    Finally made it on the board this season. I went out a couple weeks back to try my luck but the water level was far too low and visibility was absolutely terrible. But after a week or so of rain things cleared up a little. The video doesn't demonstrate this well lol but believe me, what you see...
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    The carp are coming!

    Well I went out on Monday to do a little scouting and found about what I expected. There still isn't much activity but I saw a few fish. The blood bath pictures and videos aren't too far off :D
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    Carping on the Columbia

    Jeff and I decided to go carping this past Friday on the Columbia. We got to the location at about 9am. The wind was calm, the water was 65 degrees and glass. Just as we were putting our kayaks in we saw carp tailing and feeding in the shallows. Visibility was in the 10-12ft range and knew it...
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    31 pound pig!

    Yesterday my diving buddy Leigh and I went out looking for carp. We decided to try a spot new to us both and on a tip from someone that said it holds huge carp. Visibility was immediately suspect once we got to the launch. After anchoring up I did a quick test dive to see what the visibility was...
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    Spearfishing for carp

    FINALLY, I was successful spearfishing for carp (the proper way). This has been a long time coming and also marks the first time I've been able to dive since breaking my hand over a month ago. It felt so good to finally be back in the water hunting for fish again! This body of water initially...
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    Oregon spearfishing

    This is a cut and paste from spearboard . com that I thought I'd share. Hope you guys enjoy! This is old news but Max and Don made me feel guilty not posting my video. It did take extra time putting this together as I broke my left hand recently. Typing with one hand is a b*tch. Anyway, this...
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    Smith and Bybee Lakes

    I couldn't resist the 80 degree weather we had on Monday and decided to give Smith/Bybee Lakes a run. I put my yak in around 3pm and ventured over close to where the two lakes connect. There I found several nice patches of water between 3-4ft deep loaded with carp. At times it was difficult...
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    Oregon coast spear fishing

    Thought I'd share some video I took this past weekend. I shot my limit of Black Rockfish and nailed one Lingcod (Ling not in the video, battery died). On our way out to the rock we saw a grey whale feeding on the krill below. Visibility was surprisingly decent. Diving depth, for me, was between...
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    Sauvie Island carp

    This past Sunday I took a trip out to Sauvie Island to hunt for some carp. The water is drastically lower this year than last. In fact they have Big Eddy road open which was gated due to flooding last year. I remember exploring that road last year and the water was up to my waist! So naturally I...
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    Sauvie Island carp report

    Being as this was my first year ever fishing for carp I think I've done fairly well. My search this year for carp started at Sauvie Island and that's where it will probably end. My fight is Oct. 5th in Minneapolis, MN on FX 5. It will be streamed live on the UFC Facebook Fan Page (so hit "LIKE"...
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    Smith Bybee report

    Today was fairly decent. I took my kayak out to explore some of the lake that I've only seen via Google Maps. The water is getting pretty low and the carp are abundant. Temperatures ranged between 78-81 degrees according to my Hummingbird fish finder. The deepest part of the lake I ran across...
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    Carp slaying on Sauvies

    Well on Monday (when the weather wasn't crap) I did a little carp fishing :). This is my first ever carp caught via a speargun. Of course this isn't conventional spearfishing but the water was only thigh deep. So taking refraction into consideration made shots difficult. But I learned quickly...
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    Sauvie Island gate

    Hey everyone... I was out today scouting for some carp fishing spots and ran into a gate on Sauvie Island. I fished on the island once before (as a kid) but don't remember where it was at. I'm wondering if any of you that are familiar with the area know if that gate is permanently closed or if...