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    Coos Bay crabbing is on!

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    Coos Bay crabbing is on!

    2 limits 30 F O W 2.5 hrs between Charleston and Empire. HAVE FUN!
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    Vacuum sealer for fish

    what Bass said
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    Blair Lake by Oakridge

    Check Oregon trip check
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    Freshwater stripers

    There is a ramp/park about 4 miles up from where you turn off 101
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    Freshwater stripers

    They are in the Coquille in late summer
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    Trout near Coquille

    There are a few lakes north of Coos Bay that have good trout fishing as well
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    Trout near Coquille

    If the ocean calms down, Perch fishing has been good. Smallmouth in the river if its not blown out
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    Holy leaping sturgeon Batman!

    Great report as usual! I am ready!
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    Bead fishing for salmon

    Check out BnR soft beads the color chart will give you an idea
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    Bead fishing for salmon

    Depends on water clarity, Clearer water, natural or subtle color. I like the modeled ones best Dirty water bright orange or dull red { For steelhead} I don't use them for salmon so I have no suggestions in that dept Have Fun!
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    Bead fishing for salmon

    I like 8mm soft bead
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    Shellfishing. what's the deal?

    Coos bay
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    Another salt water question

    What Roger said. I use it for steelhead, it does make a difference in certain applications!
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    Cooper Creek crappie

    Boat or shore?
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    Another salt water question

    Waste of money using floro. I use 30 lb mono. A big ling can destroy 20 lb
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    Winchester Bay

    Check the ODFW report page They usually have recent info
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    gofundme for Casting Call

    I will as well Good luck with your recovery effort
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    Central coast razor clams

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    That's usually where we go, but we have been doing better up stream. Try moving up stream a few miles next time. Just my thoughts
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