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    New flies for Central Oregon trout

    Very interesting little flies. Always something new .... always new possibilities ... always new opportunities. Part of the whole Interest that keeps us going to the water. Thanks for sharing this TD.
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    Name that spot (2019)

    Sandy.... Dodge Park.
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    How do you fillet your salmon/steelhead

    Had to wait awhile but it finally loaded for me (on my iPad). Very slow to load but worth the wait.
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    Seeking fly fishing reel

    Like I said ..... Years ago I hooked a hardhead in Silver Creek. I really doubt there’s any in that system now. Anyway, thanks for the reply regarding the reel TD. Lots of stuff out there. I shall find something. Cheers!!
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    Seeking fly fishing reel

    Exactly! Gateway to Silver Creek Falls. Years ago I was trout fishing early one morning in Silver Creek above the City Park here and much to my surprise I hooked a Steelhead. Took some doing on light trout gear to get it to my feet. Of course I had no need of a net so didn’t have one with me...
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    Seeking fly fishing reel

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    Seeking fly fishing reel

    Looking to equip a 7’ / 2WT I’ve acquired with a reel. Nothing fancy or extreme, just line storage.
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    How has Newport been crabbing?

    Nice job in the Perch patch! A buddy and I hit Newport Bay on Friday the 7th for crab only. Dumped 5 pots between us with a mix of chicken parts and chunks of shad at 9. Pulled the string 3 times in a little over 3 hours and put 24 nice Dungeness in the box. High tide was at 11:35. Windy and...
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    Attaching pics

    Trying to attach pics for last post.
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    Tough go yesterday but this hefty Redtail found the (blood red) 2” sand worm threaded on a size 4 baitholder hook. The only hit from 9 to 12:30 working the surf just north of Fishing Rock.
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    Pro Trolls (e-chip)

    Trying to get up to speed on pro troll flashers. Seems to be an item of interest to many in pursuit of Chinook. I see e-chip type and non-chip type flashers are available. Some say they’re a gimmick where others didn’t think they would work but tried them and now sware by them. Looking for...
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    Crane Prairie Reservoir

    Crane delivered everything I'd expected as usual the three days I got to be there this week.....sun, wind and chunky rainbows. The "Fish On" day was Tuesday with 2 limits of clipped bows in the boat in five hours. Released several nice high finners during the three days. Anchoring in or just...
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    Crane Prairie Res

    Plan to be on crane 6/26-28. Just checking to see if anyone's been on that water recently. I'll likely be up the Quinn Channel most of the time tied off to one of my favorite snags. Stop by and hammer a couple of Lunkers with me if you're in the area. (16' Klamath Bay Runner)...
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    Lookout Point Reservoir

    Exploratory outing today on Lookout Point Reservoir. Mostly just scanning depths, channels etc. and snooping out the reservoir. Did some long line trolling with willow leaf type blades with a crawler or power eggs on a 20" leader. Managed to eek out a couple of 12-13" bows. Marked a lot of...
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    Permission to PM

    It would really be beneficial to have the ability to send personal messages. I've been able to send them in the past but for some reason when I try these days I get this annoying little note saying "You don't have enough permission to send a PM". Is there a remedy? HELP!!
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    Cannon Beach red tails / silvers

    Looking for the Cannon Beach area sweet spots for surf perch. Having not fished this area before I'm clueless other than exploring. I know Mustardthetrout and PK can probably chime in with some ideas but seems I'm unable to PM them for some reason so I'll have to ask here. A plate full of...
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    RD....tried to PM you. Seems I'm unable to PM anymore (?). Apologies to others here but looking for intel on Cleawox. Planning to go there within the next few weeks. Looking for fishery info. Long drive so if early April is questionable.....I'm listening. Thanks to anyone with input.
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    Lemolo Lake / Res

    I've been considering a few early season days at Lemolo. I've experienced great times on nearby Diamond, but Lemolo will be new water for me. Seems it is normally drawn down in winter so am curious when ramps are accessible in spring. Plan on targeting browns & bows by both fly rod and...
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    UV candy

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL !! Thought I'd wrap up a little Christmas candy today. Now how could a wild Steelhead pass up a tasty morsel like this? Cheers!