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    Bass lures - hard baits, soft plastics, terminal tackle

    What’s your location?
  2. GoBlueFan

    Last minute opening...

  3. GoBlueFan

    John Day smallmouth

    Here is a GREAT link i found when i needed info on that same subject... i also suggest using surface poppers
  4. GoBlueFan

    Wow seen this deal on CL Bend
  5. GoBlueFan

    Get paid to catch pikeminnows?!?!

    I heard about this a while back
  6. GoBlueFan

    Fans of Blue Fox Spinners

    If you are a fan of the Blue Fox spinner they are on sale at Bi mart 2 for $7.00 the #4,#5 and #6 perfect time to reload on all the ones you might have donated to the river last fall :thumb:
  7. GoBlueFan

    Questions about Deschutes River

    So i may be moving to bend in the near future and i don't know ANYTHING about the Deschutes River, so my questions are, is the river a fly fishing only river? i know there is trout but what else is there? do they get a salmon run? i am completely clueless of this river so any info would be...
  8. GoBlueFan

    South Umpqua springers

    Just wondering who plans on hitting the south umpqua for springers this year and will you bank it or boat?
  9. GoBlueFan

    Carter Lake

    Has anyone fished this little lake just south of Florence?
  10. GoBlueFan

    Alsea steelhead

    Im thinking of hitting Tidewater and staying a few nights at blackberry,this will be my first time in that area.
  11. GoBlueFan

    $hipoopity fisherman say..

    Had to share this
  12. GoBlueFan

    Getting skunked

    So Coho season ends on the Slaw in 3 days and its not looking good for me this year:sad: anyone else have a skunk year?
  13. GoBlueFan

    Just a heads up!

    Well it's that time of year again and the fish will be biting soon here on the Siuslaw, but i just wanted to give a heads up to anyone new to Salmon Fishing here on the "Slaw"... there are NO fish up here in the upper part of the river just yet. i have seen at least a half dozen or so casting...
  14. GoBlueFan

    Good place to tent camp?

    So I'm thinking I might hit the Umpqua this spring for some smallmouth action,but I was wondering where a good place to do some tent camping along the river. Any help will do
  15. GoBlueFan

    Could it get any worse....

    Ok so i finely got some time to get out and do some fishing for steelhead this morning, the sun is shinning,the river has got back down to a fishable level and the wife said it was ok ! the day started out good, went over to fish farnham and had a hit with the 5th cast but it shook my hook...
  16. GoBlueFan

    Siuslaw River fishing reports

    The river is st up a bit should be down for good fishing by next week.
  17. GoBlueFan

    Hope everyone in Mapleton area is fine!

    All is good here,just alot of cleaning up to do...but here is a pic of the river from the back of the house
  18. GoBlueFan

    The Mighty Slaw

    This River refuses to get down to a fishable level, i know it is at a good level to bring the steelies in but the problem is it is moving way to fast to fish :sad: so i am hoping that it will drop in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for upcoming reports!
  19. GoBlueFan

    Siuslaw River coho fishing tomorrow....any thoughts???

    The River today is pretty high and not very clear and wont drop back down to be fished for at least 4-5 days (from my experience) even at that time im not sure if there will even any "good" fishing for salmon. Good Luck!
  20. GoBlueFan

    Show OFF your salmon 2014

    My Last lady of the season
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