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  1. Golfbum

    Hagg Lake = baby black bear cooling off near ramp A
  2. Golfbum

    Henry Hagg Lake 5 March 2019

    Got out about 11am to the lake 1st time this year, fished near ramp A, water level about 85% full, left around 2pm with limit, 4 stockers & 1 around 15".
  3. Golfbum

    2018 Henry Hagg Lake reports

    April 3, 2018. Fished Hagg Lake today from the bank (ramp A) from 8am till noon, not one single bite, maybe due to the full moon. Not many boats out today.
  4. Golfbum

    2018 Weekly trout stocking schedule

    The 2018 weekly trout stocking schedule:
  5. Golfbum

    Trillium Lake

    Fished Trillium Lake last Thursday, we caught 2 limits of Rainbows and Cutthroat Trout, all were 16 to 18 inches, all on Powerbait from the bank.
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