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  1. ooth23

    Devils Lake bass?

    I know devils lake in Lincoln city is typically a trout fishery however i had someone tell me they hooked a fairly nice sized smallie there. Ive fished there several times but its been a long time since my last visit. Thoughts?
  2. ooth23

    Dayton boat launch to Yamhill locks

    Looking to take the wife out on the canoe and spend a few hours on the water celebrating 10 years of marriage near the end of August. Wondering if anyone knows the millage from Dayton Boat Launch to the Locks and how long it might take round trip via canoe if anyone has made that trip?
  3. ooth23

    Foster Res?

    heading out for Foster Res to hit some bass and crappie for memorial day anyone been out and have a report? Went twice last year and came back with about 50 fish between 3 people both times. Crappie mostly and got into some bass.
  4. ooth23

    Willamette near Newberg/Yamhill River update?

    Im gonna be heading out of Rodgers Landing and heading up to the mouth of the Yamhill for some bass fishing anyone been out and had any luck? I was out at the Dundee canoe launch a couple weeks ago and got into some bass and trout fishing the structure. Trout right? surprised me and no it wasnt...
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