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  1. 4labs

    hills creek resivor packard boat ramp is open for baots

    so are they launching in the mud or is there pavement ? and what size boats ? 12ft alum and drift boats or 20 ft north rivers went by CG and its super low but that's exactly what Troutski graph shows Thanks
  2. 4labs

    Need side imaging/down imaging fish finder recommendation

    A lot of good reports with the Garmin. Looked at them yesterday at Cabela's and were on sale. Don't know about navionics card . Looked at Humminbird and the side scan was really neat I will probable go with Simrad or Raymarine
  3. 4labs

    Suggestions for a 2-3 week trip near Bend or Sunriver or ???

    Late nov watched 2 guys on the south end by the old pizza place slam the trout. Fly fishing sometimes with doubles on. Met them at the ramp and they showed me what they were using. Weighted brown leech size 16 and a trailer tiny green thing size 18 on 8lb leader and a indicator Cant find that on...
  4. 4labs

    Suggestions for a 2-3 week trip near Bend or Sunriver or ???

    Those look like great cabins to stay at and pet friendly . Don't forget Waldo. No motor lake and the clearest water in the state but the mosquitoes are legendary.
  5. 4labs

    Hills Cr Packerd Cr ramp

    Thanks for that gauge Chuck. Its easier than the tea cup just cant find anything that makes sense about Galesville. Even asked the Corps guys at the sportsmans show last yr and they couldn't figure out the graph. Mark
  6. 4labs

    Hills Creek Lake fishing reports 2020

    Great to hear. Were there any boats out trolling and did you happen to see the ramp? According to the graph it shows to be almost empty . Plants start next month at Dorena,CG ,Dexter and Hills. Should be fun. I'll hit the shore line soon.
  7. 4labs

    Suggestions for a 2-3 week trip near Bend or Sunriver or ???

    As Newfydog shows that book is the Bible to Oregon fishing. I have The Complete Anglers Guild to Oregon and have used it for 20yrs. Its starting to fall apart. One more place you should check out is Davis lake, don't know the camp ground but has huge trout and rumors of huge koks in it. A great...
  8. 4labs

    Sutton and Munsel lakes

    I guess you have a boat. The planters love Berkley Flicker Shad in 3". Trout or White. Hard to find over there but Bi-Mart can order them. They dive to 8-12ft max . The easies thing you will ever use and a line counter reel helps. Let out a100ft or more and your set. Alittle pro cure trout...
  9. 4labs

    Lake Coeur d’Alene bass fishing

    Havent fished LCDA but have spent time in Sandpoint. Love the Pend and have slammed the smallmouth almost anywhere shallow near town and around the bridges Cocclalla is great too LCDA is just too busy sometimes. Maybe the back swamps towards Wolf Lodge but don't know the lake Would like to try...
  10. 4labs

    Suggestions for a 2-3 week trip near Bend or Sunriver or ???

    East lake but they fill fast Cabins on the shore and a great fly shop. July and Aug. are 100+ fish days Also Best Western in La Pine is really nice then head to Crane prairie plus great hike in lakes less than 3miles Diamond is great on the south end in a tube. Expect 125-175 a night for motels...
  11. 4labs

    Dear Mister Anatoliy...

    Not there. Noticed their disappearance when the first change was made . The East Lake was 8/31/!8 With pic and over 1000 hits which was my favorite due to the pic Wickiup this yr had pic of the ramp and lake Doesn't matter just miss those pic and will have to save them to Google next time
  12. 4labs

    Dear Mister Anatoliy...

    No there was one for 2019 and the east lake was 8/31/18 plus wickiup for 2019 Seems the kok board decided to be rid of me Galesville 3/31/19 Wickiup sometime around 5/19
  13. 4labs

    Dear Mister Anatoliy...

    Another question Why did at least 3 post of mine disappear ? East Lake- Galesville-and Odell. Had some pic I really liked and thought they would be safe instead of Goggle Cloud
  14. 4labs

    Clear View planer boards

    Saw these on a Angler West show and look interesting Would really help when trolling to get a lure closer to shore or away from the boat. Maybe I wouldn't have to longline back so far just don't know if the release works with braid A bit pricey though...
  15. 4labs

    Umpqua Springs fin clip only

    Fin clip only this yr and probably from now on for springer's on the mainstream the same as the Rogue mainly to protect the South fork run which is always in trouble. North Fork still allowed wild fish ODFW closes harvest of wild spring Chinook on main Umpqua River
  16. 4labs

    Knee replacements

    Good for you. Life is toooo short to put up with that pain. keep up with the PT had a neighbor in Gold Beach that didn't and ruined the entire procedure. now he's almost a cripple good to hear from Whip
  17. 4labs

    All's well that ends well, 15 December 2019

    Great pic . Never have seen the new destroyers upclose. Going to upgrade to the sideview and cause myself more frustration. Thanks for the report
  18. 4labs


    I think so many rivers and streams are linked to steelhead and salmon even FG have a tough time with the regs. I just opened the 2020 always hoping to see Lobster Creek in curry county open for trout season but it still is closed. Fished it yrs ago and its unreal for cutthroat and small...
  19. 4labs

    Crabbing at Charleston.

    I think with all the traps out I should have gone closer to main channel straight across from Charleston. I have never seen so many traps laid out . One group had 4 boats and a party on shore with 4 or 5 pots boiling crab plus ATV's and UTV's and at least 3 or 4 trucks. Wish I had friends like...
  20. 4labs

    Crabbing at Charleston.

    Gave it a try on black Friday. Looked like salmon season out there. Launched at Jordon Cove. No docks. Last time for me. Started across from Empire in 20ft. Nothing but dinks and reds. One trap loaded with reds. Gave up and headed south past clam island. More reds. Dropped a net in that channel...
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