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    Lingcod season

    Winter is coming. Lings are moving in. High pressure has been hard on river conditions but great for the salt fishing. Here's some pics of some razor toothed slabs. Fishing out on lake Newport which is often flatter than Hagg. Cheers
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    Banking Hagg Lake

    Banked Hagg last night with my wife, my dog, and buddy Chris. Fished in the no wake zone directly across the lake from the BBQ place. The fishing was HOT. Chris was using orange gulp eggs on 2 foot 4lb leader, I was using the same but with rainbow power eggs. We both caught fish on the first...
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    Rip City

    Lets go BLAZERS Rip City, Championship bound!
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    Mans best friend

    and then a hero comes along.. Couldn't embed the video..TD, where are you?
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    Found sunglasses on Clack

    Found some shades near 99w on the bank of the Clackamas. Looked like they went down river a bit. If you can identify in the next week I'll send em back. If not the first person to have guessed the brand (beginning now) will get them for free. I'll even pay the postage.:popcorn: Go!
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    First limit

    Hit the river with OnTheDrop the other day for a quick drift. We managed to land 3 fish, and I got my I first limit of the year! It was so friggin cold I thought my toes were going to fall OFF. Caught all three fish on different things. Tight Lines-
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    NFC East

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    First winter of the season.

    Caught this little lady today on a jig that I got in the last OFF jig swap Tight Lines- Winter is here!
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    Jig swap 2015.

    It's been a while since we had a good old fashioned jig swap. I think that we will limit the participation to 9 people. Therefore a participant would have to tie 8 jigs and would recieve 8. So... if you feel like sharing some of your productive jig patterns and tying a few to share, you will...
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    Turkey float 2015

    Each Thanksgiving jamisonace and I float a coastal river in search of silver tanks. This years float was nothing short of spectacular. With the sun rising at 7:30 and launching only an hours drive, my day began with the luxury of sleeping in until 5:30, which is usually when I'm sitting on...
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    Dos más

    Hit the river to look for a clear spot in the mud. Got lucky, found one with a hungry couple out for a bite. 4 casts later and I got my limit. Great Day- Floating tomorrow, looking for similar results. Tight Lines-
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    Wilson is flooding

    Wilson is at 16.5 feet and climbing-
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    Plug fishing.

    So I'm making a new video and was just editing some footage and figured I'd whip up a quick vid with a few plug takedowns from this last week for those who couldn't get out. A little vicarious action. Fished Mon Tues and Friday. Fishing was lights out everyday and I think fall is finally here...
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    And so it begins.....

    Day one, post rain.
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    "Things" fishermen say

    Reply if you' "know someone" who has literally said every single thing in this video. I have... I mean do...- (WARNING: theres a bad word used in the real title)
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    Days like today-

    Every once and a while its good to have a day like today- A day where the fish run circles around you and old mother nature gives you the beat down. 10+ hours on the water- 0 for about a million- A quart of eggs, 15 hours of grindin, and a couple hundred miles later...nada Good people and...
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    N.F.L week 4

    Well...Hob... Skins over Eagles- I'll take it all day. Chip sucks- Lets Go Boys
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    N.F.L week 2

    W for the skins.... Giants lose again :D ....
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    N.F.L week 1

    Well... the Redskins lost :concern: Mariota is Looking good Boys tonight at 5:30! Its go time!
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    308...Thats how many fish our boat caught on Tuesday! Seriously, we counted. Went out with ODFW for another hook and line survey. Tanner joined me this time and we managed to put a whip on some fish. We boated LOTS of black bass, I was able to land a Beacon rock fish, tons of lings, quilback...
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