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    Sign in

    Seems that lately when I go to sign in I'm having problems. I've had to change my pass word more than once. Seems that a message comes up thats says its not a secure sign in and covers up where you are supposed to type in your password. In trying to move or remove this message it uses up one of...
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    Some friends took me over to the Snake river out of Richland Or. for some Crappie fishing. Had a blast and caught a lot of fish. Where else in Oregon can you catch nice Crappie?
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    Paulina or East

    I have never fished Paulina or East lake. Although it will have to just be a day trip, (I live in Culver and unfortunately fish alone) which would you recommend for my first trip?
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    Rogue River

    Headed down to Grants Pass for a few days to see relatives. Anything going on on the Rogue River?
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    Lake Simtustus

    My catch for today. Took a while but I got a limit
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    Coming to GP this week for a few days. Have a family lot just above where savage rapids dam used to be. I have caught fish here before, but I was told today that the river is a little high, and running to fast to get in with waders. The channel is on the other side of the river and unless I'm in...
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    Motor swap

    I've got a mid late 80's boat that is in excellent condition, all except for the motor. The motor is a 1986 Mariner 90hp, but it needs help. So we have decided to swap it out for a New 115hp Yamaha 4 stroke. So here is the question: The mariner is gas oil pre mix motor (not oil injected), so...
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    Remove stickers and letters

    I purchased a boat out of state, and need to remove the old stickers and numbers. Fiberglass boat. Whats the best way to get them off so I can put my new ones on?
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    Any steelhead showing up on the Deschutes around Maupin?
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    Good morning from Culver

    First, I would like to thank the power of above for finally getting my registration straightened out. Location: Culver Oregon!! Love the high desert. I have fished a good part of my life and had boats most of it. But have not done much in the last 15 years. Grew up in Oregon, moved to Ca. for 25...
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