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    2019 Angling license and tags cost are-

    Update finally on the iPhone App store.
  2. J

    2019 Angling license and tags cost are-

    Per ODFW for iPhone users... "IPhone not available yet, Android is. It's been pushed to Apple already but takes time to get into itunes store. You can tag the fish when you get back into cell phone reception. Also recommend writing it down if offline until you tag on app if you're offline -...
  3. J

    2019 Angling license and tags cost are-

    Roger, where did you find the update? I am still not seeing one for iphone.
  4. J

    2019 Angling license and tags cost are-

    Looks like it's fixed with an app update... Glitch in MyODFW app that affected ability to tag fish offline fixed – Update to MyODFW app available Friday, Jan. 4 SALEM, Ore.—A glitch in the MyODFW app that meant some customers could not validate their fish harvest electronically when their...
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    2019 Angling license and tags cost are-

    Same here. Called and emailed. So far no reply. I have a feeling it's a widespread issue. Should be a pretty easy fix. Funny thing is "taking a risk" because of your software that wasn't fully tested before release. I'm thinking a ticket due to their glitch would be pretty easy to beat in court...
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    2019 Angling license and tags cost are-

    I guarantee you that you can't put your phone in Airplane mode and then enter a new harvest tag entry. Not going to work real well out of cell service. Hopefully ODFW developers are right on top of it :cool:
  7. J

    Yaquina jetty

    Coast-bound this coming weekend. Casting the jetty for whatever's down there with Clousers if anyone is interested.
  8. J

    Newport help

    Looking for some wild trout action in creeks on the coast near Newport - tenkara style
  9. J

    Siletz summer steelhead floats

    I'm not going to tell you again - for the last time, stop flirting with me.
  10. J

    Siletz summer steelhead floats

    Just one click on my screen name is all it takes to see where I'm located. You should try it.
  11. J

    Siletz summer steelhead floats

    Leave the 3 fish in the system alone.
  12. J

    Weyerhauser closing siletz gorge! ?

    How is it still legal to permit potential destruction to spawning habitat of multiple ESA listed species?
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    Sandy sundowner

  14. J

    Buck brat on black

  15. J

    Black has been great this winter

  16. J

    Found sunglasses on Clack

  17. J

    Vancouver oil terminal debates

    The Association of NW Steelheaders was there protesting the terminal in full force and even brought some meat for the table.
  18. J

    Rivers rising fast

    Yeah, but.....
  19. J

    Siletz over flood stage in one day!!!

    Step in and swing it!
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