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    Yaquina jetty

    Coast-bound this coming weekend. Casting the jetty for whatever's down there with Clousers if anyone is interested.
  2. J

    Newport help

    Looking for some wild trout action in creeks on the coast near Newport - tenkara style
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    Sandy sundowner

  4. J

    Buck brat on black

  5. J

    Black has been great this winter

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    How's it?

    Fall Chinook reports?
  8. J

    Stolen spey rod

    Echo 7130 stolen out of my truck tonight - lower Hood River - probably never see her again, but figured I'd put it out there...
  9. J

    Got a springer

    Now I can put the rod away for a little while at least.
  10. J

    Lost a springer

    Hooked a springer today for about 30 seconds while swinging for steelhead. Wow, I wasn't ready for that. WOW :worthy:
  11. J

    No stocking reports for 2015 what???

    Most districts on the ODFW website still show 2014 dates. What's the deal. It's March, guys, and it feels like May.
  12. J

    Astoria seafood??

    Found myself in Astoria for a day or so... Want oysters and seafood and beers... Where to go???
  13. J

    Chrome o'clock

    Had an hour to kill resulted in a steelie to release
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    Legalize it

    Hell. Yes.
  15. J

    Sandy tomorrow

    Gonna fish between classes from 12-2:30 near Dabney if anyone is interested.
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    Steely Dan

    Got these this week...
  17. J

    Visited the parents (FL)

    Had a great time sight-casting flies at redfish in Pensacola, FL.
  18. J

    Columbia River fish samples, anyone?

    My fianceé works at Columbia Riverkeeper here in Hood River and they are looking for samples. If any of you catch and keep fish in the Columbia from Savvy Island up to Bonneville Dam, and want to help donate tissue sample they'd really appreciate it. For more information email...
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    Laurence Lake char

    I was targeting Bull trout and caught a few yesterday and some rainbow planters. Lost a big red rainbow at the net. For Saturday, July 5, it wasn't packed - there were a couple float tubers, one of which was slaying big fish. I didn't get close enough to see what he was using. I'm loving...
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    Oregon trout stocking thoughts?

    Been meaning to throw this out there for a while, just didn't remember until now… When these lakes and reservoirs are stocked from April - June, do the trout that aren't caught just die off in the summer? I'm curious how or even if ODFW keeps tabs on what is in there from past years (if...
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