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    Any advice for spring bass fishing at Dorman Pond

    Unweighted wacky rigged 3" senko in brown would be my first choice.
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    Hagg Lake Saturday March 16th

    You know I am not a secretive guy :)
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    Hagg Lake Saturday March 16th

    Thanks for explaining TD. I definitely plan to try to research this.
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    Hagg Lake Saturday March 16th

    Roger, the new outback is amazing. It is hard to pedal slow enough to troll at 1.3mph. So fast compared to my older outback. All the storage as well. Turns so much more sharply. Crazy big improvement. Your videos were a huge motivation for getting it! Thanks for taking the time to make them. U...
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    Hagg Lake Saturday March 16th

    I will say that it does sound a little unbelievable but it definitely could be true.
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    Hagg Lake Saturday March 16th

    Cool. I never knew that.
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    3/20/2019 Green Peter kokanee report

    Thanks for the report C_run! I have been kicking around the idea of buying a WA license this year. A friend of mine has been catch a few at Merwyn this year and they have been pretty good sized. I am somewhat interested since the drive from Portland to Merwyn is much less than to Detroit or...
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    Hagg Lake Saturday March 16th

    C_run, there were plenty of boats on Hagg but the water was not super crowded. When I got to Hagg there were only a couple of boat trailers at ramp A. I was dreadfully slow getting launched and by the time I got on the water at 8:30 there were probably a dozen or more. There may have been 30-50...
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    Hagg Lake Saturday March 16th

    I fished Hagg on Saturday March 16th and it was beautiful morning. The bite was just outright insane. The fish were incredibly active and were rising and feeding on the midges coming off all day long. I ended up with 47 landed, mostly 10" fish with a 1/2 dozen or so in the 14" range. and...
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    I went on Saturday and will write up a report this week. I will say that the fishing (for boaters at least) was insane. I caught 47 trout with about 1/2 dozen in the 14" range and one 18" fish. It was hard to have two rods in the water (I have the two rod endorsement). Just crazy good. In the...
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    I would recommend looking for small ponds and fishing there. The smaller waters will warm much faster. I think you could try places like Blue Lake, Bethany Pond, Commonwealth Pond, etc. Those places have fewer bass but they should be a good bit more active. The other thought would be to make the...
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    Rod/reel combination for surf perch

    I don't own an Okuma Rockaway but they look really nice! I was tempted during the sportsman's show sale at Fisherman's but I already have a 9'6" 1-3 oz rod that works well. If I was buying today I would definitely get an Okuma Rockaway - especially if you can find one on sale.
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    Cleaning crab made easier!!!

    This video is a nice demonstration of crab cleaning. It is not mine, but it is nice and instructive.
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    Plunking at Mary S Young

    I would check with West Linn but the bridge to the island used to be seasonal (been thwarted a few times years ago). I would be surprised if you can get out to the island at this time of year. That said, there is certainly plenty of shoreline there even if you can't get to the island. The bass...
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    Henry Hagg Lake 5 March 2019

    Thanks for the info!
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    Henry Hagg Lake 5 March 2019

    Good job! I had thought about hitting Hagg on Sunday but the wind forecast kept me at home. Just curious if you were fishing somewhere other than boat ramp A. I read some reports on other sites but I think they all were from folks fishing around boat ramp A.
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    Walleye partners needed - fishing from kayaks, toons or small boats

    I moved out here from the East coast and I do not miss having multiple feet of snow on the ground. Glad to live here in Portland where most of the time a snowstorm means 3 inches of snow that lasts for two days. Best of luck for when you do get out!
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    Walleye partners needed - fishing from kayaks, toons or small boats

    Thanks for sending out the OFFer. I can't make it during the week. I usually fish on Sundays, but I wanted to let you know that this is appreciated. I actually have never taken my kayak to the Columbia. I feel like I still have so much exploration to do on the Willamette. That said I am hoping...
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    Old guy wants to go carp fishing.

    I saw that rule and I agree with what you are saying. (That is why I said perhaps there is a weir there that we can't see). I think the proper name for that structure is a low head dam - which does not seem to be covered by any general rule.
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    Cabela's rebate

    If you turn in an old rod or an old reel that is in good working condition you get a rebate coupon based upon the purchase price of a new rod or a new reel. I brought in a rod and reel and got a rebate for both a new rod a new reel! This is going on at the Tualatin Cabela's. I am not sure about...