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    How we killed off the giant salmon of the Pacific Northwest in 50 years

    60 years ago we didn't have an abundance of large fish either. Keepers now, you had to throw back. Maybe we should try slot limit sizing like the sturgeon and the fishing on the east coast. Pretty soon everything will be searun cutthroat size. I think we're around 125 dams on the Columbia...
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    Rod recommendations

    9 1/2 ft. 6 to 15 lb. line rod will cover 95% of the steelhead needs, all presentations. Lamiglas X-11 is a good start, LX96MS spinning rod. For your salmon rod, since it's also a spinning reel, the Lamiglas Redline HS 94 HS, it uses the same exact blank as the much more expensive XXC 934 rods...
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    Winter carp fishing!

    You chumming the area with a couple slingshots of your looser baits, forming a feeding area for them? That's the way we did it at the Great Lakes, same in Britain.
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    Carp 2020 show OFF

    They are originally from Britain and Eurasia, it's called course fishing there. Used to get some out of the Great Lakes to 60 pounds. They were brought to the east coast as a food fish the first time they over fished the country over there, and they spread out, think the Erie Canal brought carp...
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    Making yarn balls

    Lay the yarn back against the hook and tie it back, add a set of barbell eyes figure 8'd on, finish the tie and trim the yarn about an eighth inch behind the hook bend and you have something else for them to look at and hammer.
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    Spoons with a D.A.M. Quick Reel

    Back in the day you had two reels that were considered top notch, the DAM and ABU Cardinal reels, I went with a Cardinal 4, the spool shaft on those reels were brass, great for saltwater, but they were prone to bending when dropped..
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    Spinner fishing

    I like the design of the Rooster Tail spinners, but not the spinner blade performance. Using Bang Tails instead pretty much fixes the problem. Cuttroats seem to like the Bolo spinner a lot.
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    Very few steelhead over Willamette Falls

    With all the rain this year there is no reason for the fish to stage and wait for water, look at some earlier records and see if they spiked earlier this year. With good water fish will move 3 - 4 times further each day sometimes.
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    Fishing Sandy with 10 lb mono; advise

    A longer rod doesn't necessarily equate to longer casting distances, and they are less sensitive all things being equal. Not knowing what your fishing with other than line size and length kind of leaves us all in the dark. not all 8 1/2 ft. rods casts spinners equally. My old Berkeley Series One...
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    Salmon trolling rods

    I think Fisherman's still has the North River rods though I think someone else now makes them, W.W. Grigg closed up 4 years or so ago. They sold the last stock at 3 for $100 if I remember right on salmon/steelhead rods. Bi Mart has a decent rod they had designed by Lamiglas, but it's their own...
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