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  1. dschmunis

    Fishing the Necanicum

    Went to the Necanicum river today (Klootchy Park) and hiked up river on the logging road. Good action early to mid morning. Caught a bunch of really small ones (the spinner sometimes was as big as the fish) and a few in the 12” size. Water is worm and low but if you can find fish, then seem...
  2. troutdude

    Fishing the Necanicum

    Feel free to use the search function in the top right hand corner, to find information that is archived on this site. Here is what I found in a search for "Necanicum".
  3. dschmunis

    Fishing the Necanicum

    I'm continuing on my exploration of all the wonderful rivers and lakes that Oregon has to offer. I came across some postings about the Necanicum river and was wondering if any one has any intel/info/reports on trout fishing here? I'm still assembling my salmon/steelhead gear so not ready for...
  4. Leopard Shark

    Winter Steelhead Show OFF 2020

    ...but if you film on the Wilson River and release it 3 months later you are less likely to catch heat over it than if you filmed on the Necanicum and released it 3 days later. Be vague about your location, you can say "Northern Oregon" instead of "This River in Northern Oregon" The other option...
  5. troutdude

    Calendar for top steelhead streams

    ...hatchery fish; wild fish January - mid April McKenzie River X X X X X X X Mid-Fork Willamette X X X X X X X Necanicum River XX XX XX XX XX Opportunity for wild fish from mid January - March Nehalem River XX XX XX XX XX Primarily a...
  6. S

    Trying to catch my first winter steelhead

    ...gave it a go on the few marginally fishable spots just hoping to get lucky which didn't happen. I checked out the other rivers in the area (Necanicum, Miami, Kilchis, Wilson) and they were all blown. Guess it's back to waiting for another day off. As far as rods @pinstriper pretty much lined...
  7. F

    Trying to catch my first winter steelhead

    I’m just going to keep posting up dates till I get my first winter steelhead lol. I went to the NF Nehalem yesterday and the Necanicum River. I fished at the falls below the hatchery. Fished for about 40 minutes and guy walked up and caught a fish in two cast ?. Kinda of made me jealous, but...
  8. F

    Trying to catch my first winter steelhead

    ...was to high in dirty in my opinion. Kilchis was a bit clearer and I found some nice looking holes, but I didn’t have any luck. I fished the necanicum river the next day. I stopped at kloochy creek park first. That spot was really crowded but the water looked way better then the Wilson did. I...
  9. D

    Another year gone

    ...I must admit that the image of Billy and Miss Furney locked in a death grip, being eaten by crabs and bullheads, on the muddy bottom of the Necanicum River taught me about nightmares as well. As with most rumors, this one turned out to be less than totally true, but I still worry about...
  10. S

    Rain equals more salmon?

    ...Cove at Tillamook Bay rather than everyone being in the channel by Hwy 101 where the floating restroom is. N Fk Nehalem had light pressure at King rapids and the hatchery. Salmon River was combat fishing at the hatchery and Hwy 101 bridge. Necanicum bay hasn't seen any action yet, as of Friday.
  11. B

    Necanicum River? running the hood to coast this Saturday in Seaside. I'm traveling from Salem to seaside to pick her up, so I'll be traveling along the Necanicum River on my way to seaside. I've never fished the river but I figure I'll have a few hours to kill before her team arrives so I thought I'd bring...
  12. C

    Flounder in Seaside?

    You want to be on the West side of the Necanicum. There is no way to cross the river if you park behind the high school...And bring a shrimp pump. Fish the channel when the tide is almost out. There is also a sea run cut-throat run that shows up soon. I don't know if the ''cuts'' are legal in...
  13. S

    Finding the right spots?

    necanicum, klaskanine, big creek, north fork nehalem- should all have fish right now (many others too but those would be my top choices)
  14. T

    Kilchis float

    Probably one of the best responses I've ever seen on OFF. Nice job Direct Drive:thumb: *There was a new tree blown down across the K today and about 4 full sized trees that fell OFF the last cliff into the water*
  15. D

    Kilchis float

    ...watching out for trees that were blown down from the last storm. Make some calls and see if you can get eyes on it before you go. Good luck. Edit: As others have said above, the K is probably going to blown. In that case, the Necanicum then the NFN usually come in first and in that order.
  16. D

    Brand new weapon!....

    And make sure to post pics of launching the boat OFF the side of US26... should be epic. But on a serious note, Tillamook Bay/ upper tidewater usually produces well into the fall. You might try heading up out of Memaloose, and that general area. On a less serious note -- motor on up, and drop...
  17. S

    Brand new weapon!....

    Necanicum might have some early winters..but wherever, they'll be hard to catch right now, but the Necanicum should also have plenty of nooks and coho right now too (can't keep the coho unless they're hatchery strays tho).
  18. S

    Coastal rivers are looking good!

    Upper Necanicum turned chocolate sometime between 10am and 1:30pm today. The other rivers are blown out sooner and the lower on any river you are, the sooner it will be blown out. Usually takes 2" of moderate rain in 24 hrs for chocolate color after looking tea-stained and the rain gauge...
  19. S

    Poll: Coastal coho runs

    What I've seen coming upriver (N. Fk. Nehalem & Necanicum) are mostly smaller coho, <6 lbs. Low percentage of large ones. Due to the sparse rain pattern, NFN has had two one-day runs. Necanicum has had a single-day. All of that leaves me hopeful that there are actually many more holding...
  20. D

    Seaside area bottom fishing??

    yea garibaldi would be your best bet, about this time of year you can pick up cut throats in the necanicum river i believe.
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